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Reducing noise with customised acoustic soundproofing foam, panels and materials.

Megasorber is 100% Australian owned. We design, develop, manufacture and supply soundproofing materials and solutions for architectural acoustics, building and construction, power generation, marine, transport, defence and many other applications.

We know noise, we keep it quiet.

soundproofing products

architectural acoustics

We design and manufacture fire-resistant sound-absorbing panels for architectural acoustic applications such as echo or reverberation reduction.

architectural acoustics

industrial soundproofing

Our acoustic engineers can develop customised soundproofing solutions for original equipment manufacturers with modern design and flexibility to suit any project – simply send us your drawings.

understanding noise

Creating a comfortable acoustic level for different types of work spaces is important for the performance and wellbeing of all employees.

To address noise levels within a room or space, it is important to first understand how noise works – from decibels and frequency to reverberation times and transmission loss.

alpha cabin

acoustic performance sound absorption test chamber

An innovative, easy way to test

Validate acoustic performance for your projects and product designs, with our sound absorption test chamber.

case studies

soundproofing and acoustic insulation projects


lightweight sound
absorbing panels

Megasorber FM sound absorbing panel provides exceptional acoustic performance, is inherently fire resistant and lightweight.

The FM panel utilises a patented noncombustible sound absorbing facing material Soundmesh® G8 to achieve superior sound absorption.

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