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Introducing the
megasorber FM

Lightweight and inherently fire-resistant sound absorbing panel for acoustic and thermal insulation

Architectural acoustics

We design and manufacture fire-resistant sound-absorbing panels for architectural acoustic applications such as aquatic centres, stadiums, gymnasiums, commercial offices, recording studios, theatres, education and so on.

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Industrial soundproofing

Our acoustic engineers can develop customised soundproofing solutions for original equipment manufacturers with modern design and flexibility to suit any project, from HPUs, pump & server enclosures, rangehoods, plant rooms, mining trucks, boats, trains, trams, clean rooms, manufacturing facilities and many more – just send us your drawings.

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Understanding sound &
How Soundproofing works

What is NRC? What is the “colour” of the sound? Why is the frequency of the sound important? What is Rw or STC? How do you achieve superior speech intelligibility and speech privacy?  How do you find an effective solution to various noise issues?

Megasorber’s 4-fold approach has the answers.

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Alpha cabin

Acoustic performance sound absorption test chamber: an innovative, easy way to test. Global standard: ISO 354:2003 ‘Acoustics – Measurement of sound absorption in a reverberation room’.  Validate acoustic performance for your projects and product designs with our sound absorption test chamber.

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