Soundproofing requirements

101 Collins street is a landmark 57 stories skyscraper in the heart of Melbourne. It is the working place of over 5,000 employees of high level corporate businesses and situated next door to high end shops.

The loading bay in this impressive building is a heavy traffic zone for delivery vans and waste collecting dumpers resulting in extensive noise that bounces off the concrete floors, ceilings and walls.

Megasorber acoustic P panels with patented non-combustible sound absorbing facing were installed on the walls and the ceiling. These soundproofing panels reduced the noise substantially, much to the relief of the workers in the loading bay. It resulted in excellent speech intelligibility in the offices and shops above and next to the loading bay, greatly appreciated by all office employees and neighbors.


Megasorber P50G-G

50mm acoustic polyester panels with a non-combustible Grey Soundmesh® G8 facing.



Megasorber A200

High tack and temperature resistant adhesive using the latest polymer-alloy technology. Available in sausages and cartridges.




200 m2 of Megasorber P50 panels were cut to size and direct-fixed with Megasorber A200 adhesive onto the walls and ceiling.
The installation was completed in 2018.


,, I can’t believe the difference these panels have made after the installation. No complaints about the noise anymore. Very successful project…

Hayden Wing
Manager 101 Collins Street Pty Ltd

The project

Acoustic Consultant: Acoustic Consultant Australia Pty Ltd
Installer: Acoustic Engineering Service
Location: 101 Collins Street, Melbourne,VIC 3000

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101 Collins Street Loading Bay

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