Megasorber’s range of acoustic absorption panels gives architects, engineers and designers great flexibility to reduce the reverberation or echo to suit bespoke project needs.

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High-efficiency sound-absorbing material for noise reduction

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1. Direct-fix acoustic panels for soffits and walls.

Megasorber acoustic panels FM, WFM, and P acoustic panels provide superior acoustic performance utilising patented sound absorption technology. The key features are shown in the schematic drawing below:

Megasorber acoustic panel FM, WFM and P range products are designed to be direct-fixed on concrete soffits, insulated roof panels, and walls with a unique fast curing adhesive Megasorber A200 or A100 spray adhesive.

Combined with an express finish, it is one of the most cost-effective solutions for reverberation control, especially for large spaces and halls.

2. Acoustic backings for perforated/ slotted panels and timber or aluminium battens.

(1) Megasorber Soundmesh® G8 and G8A are acoustically tuned to convert slotted panels, perforated panels or other decorative panels into acoustic panels.  The acoustic performance NRC is up to 0.80 Soundmesh® G8 or G8A is attached to the back of perforated/slotted panels and combined with an air gap. Megasorber Soundmesh® G8 or G8A is also designed as an acoustic backing for timber or aluminium battens.  The acoustic performance NRC is up to 0.80 when combined with a plenum.

(2) Megasorber PN is a thin acoustic board specifically designed to be inserted or attached to the back of the timber or aluminium battens.  The acoustic performance is up to NRC 0.80 with an air gap.

(3) The patented product Megasorber WaveBreaker offers superior acoustic performance, NRC up to 1.0.

3. Acoustic wave banners or acoustic blades

Megasorber WaveBreaker 25 and 50 can also be cut into shapes such as waves and hung vertically to form a waving banner.

4. Speech intelligibility and speech privacy

Megasorber CM28 and CM52 are specifically designed to provide both speech intelligence and speech privacy for ceiling grid applications.

A schematic drawing is shown below about speech intelligence and speech privacy when installed with Megaosrber CM28, an absorber-barrier soundproofing composite:

Please follow this link for more details about the CM28 and CM52 for superior speech intelligibility and speech privacy.


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