Combining science and years of experience, Megasorber understands noise and how to keep it quiet.

Utilising our unique 4-fold approach, Megasorber engineers work with a wide range of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and projects, providing successful soundproofing solutions to many challenging applications.

Examples include:

Generators, Pumps, Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) and Lighting Towers

From large commercial generators to small domestic gensets, Megasorber engineers have developed systems to suit various project requirements.  The soundproofing systems can be designed to bring the noise level down to as low as 59 dB(A) for HPUs.

For more details on how to tame roaring engine noise, please follow this link:  Power Generation Enclosure Noise Reduction.

Mining Trucks and Mining Equipment

The mining industry has strict regulations for noise levels and fire safety, resulting in the requirement for soundproofing products to be inherently fire-resistant. The operating environment can also be extremely harsh. Megasorber FM and FG products are tested and proven in the mining industry. Megasorber panels have also been customised with non-combustible Soundmesh® G8 on both sides and edges covered for specific applications. Custom cut kits provide the best results for your ongoing projects.

For more details on how to reduce the operating output and cabin noise for mining trucks, please follow this link:  Transport Soundproofing Solutions.

Buses, Trucks and Coaches

The engine bay requires thermal and acoustic insulation products. In order to reduce the potential fire risk to passengers, the insulation materials must be inherently fire-resistant. Furthermore, it must be resistant to routine water hose cleaning and withstand hot and humid conditions. Megasorber FM25 and Megasorber FG25 are tested and proven products in this challenging environment. Both have been specifically designed for these applications to provide high absorption levels where space is limited.

For more details on how to reduce the engine bay noise and block out road noise, please follow this link:  Transport Soundproofing Solutions.

Trains, Trams, and Locomotives

Working on a holistic approach alongside OEMs, Megasorber has developed specific products to treat noise and vibration to ensure driver and passenger comfort. Examples include:

  • Air-borne noise reduction Megasorber FM25 is designed to reduce air-borne noise. Megasorber FM products meet EN 45545-2 railway standards.
  • Structure-borne noise reduction Megasorber DT2S and D14 are tested and proven products for metal panel resonating noise reduction.
  • Cabin noise reduction for locomotives Megasorber C50 absorber-barrier-enhancer composite is the most used product.

For more details about noise reduction for trains & trams, please follow this link:  Transport Soundproofing Solutions.

Marine Industry

When combating engine room noise insulation, our three proven products are
(1) Megasorber FM25 or Megasorber FM50;
(2) Megasorber C50 and
(3) Megasorber CM28.

For more details on how to reduce engine room noise and ensure a quieter boat, please follow this link:  Marine Soundproofing Solutions.

Manufacturing Industry

Megasorber P50 and Megasorber FM50 are direct-fixed onto the ceiling or soffits.

As an example, please follow this link for more details

Transformer Noise Reduction - outdoor soundproofing

Power Stations and Sub-stations – outdoor soundproofing solutions

Megasorber has developed a water-repellent and non-combustible Soundmesh® G8. It is UV resistant and has excellent sound absorption properties thanks to Megasorber’s patented technology.

Megasorber P100 or P50 are excellent products for these applications, with water-repellent Soundmesh® G8 combined with hydrophobic polyester fibre. Megasorber P100 or P50 has been specified and installed for various sub-stations by United Energy. As an example, please follow this link for more details.

Please follow this link for more details on how to reduce the sub-station noise.

Plant rooms

Tough, durable, inherently fire-resistant and impact resistant are just a few key requirements. Our proven products are:
(1) Megasorber FM100 or FM50 and
(2) Megasorber P100 or P50.

As an example, please follow this link

Many more other applications and projects, such as:

  • Air-handling units.
  • HVAC duct break-out noise reduction.
  • Server enclosures.
  • Acoustic pipe lagging.

The Megasorber 4-fold approach consists of the following:

What makes Megasorber products unique?

Megasorber sound-absorbing materials include Megasorber FM, Megasorber FG, and Megasorber P range products. The unique features are shown in the schematic drawing below:

Megasorber products have been engineered to provide superior sound absorption performance with NRC up to 1.0 by utilizing the patent technology.  For example, the acoustic performance of the Megasorber FM25 and FM50 is shown below.  It provides maximum sound absorption over typical engine noise frequency spectrums.

For more details on how sound absorption works, please follow this link:  Sound Absorption.

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Transformer Noise Reduction - outdoor soundproofing

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