Alpha Cabin

Acoustic Performance
Sound Absorption Test Chamber

Receive fast results to global standard: ISO 354:2003 ‘Acoustics – Measurement of sound absorption in a reverberation room’.

Quick setup, ability to test entire 3D-shaped objects, such as acoustic baffles, acoustic fins, even car seats and dashboard insulation.

Testing conveniently requires a small sample of about 1sqm, for any acoustic panels, perforated or slotted, timber slats and any 3D panel systems.

Megasorber Alpha Cabin is the only of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

This Swiss developed technology meets global standards.

Secure test results under calibrated sound field conditions of a full reverberation room without the burden of a full room test.

The innovative solution
Megasorber Alpha Cabin, a Compact Reverberation Room


  • Compact reverberation room test method.
  • Ability to test a variety of acoustic systems & shapes.
  • Quick set-up
  • Small sample size about 1m2 (1.2m x 1m for a flat panel)

Traditional Test Methods for Sound Absorption

There are two normalised traditional methods:

  • Impedance tube (or tube of Kundt) and
  • Reverberation room.
1. The Impedance Tube (or tube of Kundt)

An example of Impedance tubes

Soundwave: Normal incidence

The waves arrive at the surface perpendicularly (normal incidence).

Advantages: small sample size. Fast and easy to measure.

Disadvantage: Does not simulate real life conditions. Unlikely for the sound waves to only arrive at the surface perpendicularly.

2. Full Size Reverberation Room

An example of Reverberation Room

Soundwave: Random incidence

Reverberation room: the angles of incidence are evenly distributed (random incidence).

Advantage: simulates real-life scenarios.

Disadvantage of Full Size Reverberation Room: Requires a large room (200 m3) and large samples (~ 10 m2 to 12 m2). Time consuming to obtain real measurements.

Test a variety of acoustic
systems & shapes

Client examples: Decorative panels, Ford Automotive components: car seat, headliner.

Flat Acoustic Panel

Slotted Panel

Perforated & Corrugated Panel

Acoustic Tile System

Car Seat

Acoustic Art Features

3D Moulded Acoustic Tile

Car Headliner