Soundproofing requirements

The new architecturally designed buildings include 24 state-of-the-art learning spaces. An advanced acoustic design was implemented for reducing the echo and reverberation, resulting in superior speech intelligibility.

Megasorber FM25 acoustic panels were direct-fixed and installed with a small shadow line on the ceiling of the walkways and in communal areas, using the Megasorber A200 adhesive. Aesthetically the white acoustic ceiling panels lightened up the space. CNC cut to shape, Megasorber FMF acoustic ceiling panels were added to compliment the aesthetically pleasing design.


Megasorber FM25W-RW

25mm acoustic and thermal insulation panels with water-repellent Soundmesh® G8 facing (White)




Megasorber FMF25 white

25mm lightweight acoustic velvet panels available in most Pantone colours




  • Superior sound absorption using patented technology.
  • Non-combustible woven fabric Soundmesh G8 facing, which is tough and durable
  • Water repellent facing on FM.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy to cut & install.


Megasorber FM25 acoustic panels were direct-fixed with Megasorber A200 adhesive. A small gap (approx. 15mm) was placed between panels to form a shadow line finish.

Megasorber FMF acoustical ceiling panels were added to complete the aesthetically pleasing design.

The installation was completed in 2021.


,,The Balwyn High School community is extremely pleased with the result.

Instagram post Brand Architects
7 April, 2021

The project

Architect: Brand Architects
Acoustic consultant: Marshall Day Acoustics Installer:Fleetwood Australia
Location: Buchanan Ave, Balwyn North, Victoria

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Balwyn High School

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