As part of ongoing state of the art tram manufacture, the Bombardier engineering team required locally made damping tiles to meet stringent design requirements.

Product features

  • High damping efficiency – reduces panel vibration and resonant noise effectively.
  • Specialy deisgned for thick metal plates, up to 12mm thick.
  • Fire-resistant – IMO Resolution A653(16) compliant.
  • High temperature resistance up to 120ºC in overhead and vertical positions.
  • Self-adhesive for easy “peel and stick on” application.

Megasorber DT2S

  • 2.5mm thick self-adhesive steel vibration damping tile.
  • The Megasorber engineering team worked closely with Bombardier engineers and developed the unique damping tiles for the application.

Product installation

  • Easy, simple installation: peel and stick.

The project

Bombardier Transport Australia
Architect: Internal
Installer: Bombardier Transport Australia

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Bombardier Transport Australia

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