Soundproofing requirements

The Bread of Life Church congregation believes in the importance of people connecting together. Their ministries and life groups are designed to provide a space for their members and visitors to meet, learn about faith, and find support.

The building was originally an office and warehouse, which was subsequently architecturally redesigned to include an impressive sound system. Acoustic modelling revealed that the reverberation time was far too long. In order to bring out the best in the new sound system and for superior speech intelligibility, the acoustic consultant specified the use of Megasorber FM50 sound absorbing panels.

These lightweight acoustic panels were installed on the ceiling and the walls. The panels were also installed behind the lighting, blending seamlessly with the interior design flow. CNC cut to various shapes, including triangles, the Megasorber FM panels instantly became an aesthetically pleasing ceiling feature between the lighting.


Megasorber FM50W-RW

50mm lightweight acoustic panels with water-repellent White Soundmesh® G8 facing.




Megasorber FM50 panels were cut to various shapes with Megasorber CNC cutting technology. The Megasorber FM50 acoustic panels were direct-fixed with Megasorber A200 adhesive onto the walls and ceiling.

The installation was completed in 2020.


,, We are extremely happy with the outcome. The panels work like magic. They also blend nicely into our design. Thank you!

Jeremy and Carol Wong
Owners of Bread of Life Church

The project

Architect: AXL Interiors, Chris Cong
Acoustic Consultant: Marek Kierzkowski
Installer: Bread of Life Church Melbourne
Location: Building 7, 25 Chapman St, Blackburn North, VIC 3130.

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Bread of Life Church

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