citrus adhesive cleaner

Megasorber AC5 Adhesive Cleaner is an environmentally safe,biodegradable cleaner that cuts through and removes most adhesive products. It has a fast application and is low odour.

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We recommend that the Safety Data Sheet be read and understood prior to use. Always test to determine suitability for each individual application before use in production.

Shake well before using. Spray on and allow 3 to 5 minutes contact time for best performance. Allow cleaner to completely evaporate before applying new adhesive. Also works well on removing other materials – Grease, oil, ink, stickers, decals and tar.


Do not store at temperatures over 50°C. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. For optimum performance store at 18°C during use. Not recommended for use below 10°C.



sound absorbing panel


high temperature resistant adhesive


sound absorption board