Performing arts centre raindrop noise reduction

Project summary

  • Performing arts centre with noise issue caused by raindrop impact
  • Colorbond Kliplok roofing used, causing significant panel excitement during rain storms
  • Noise disrupting rehearsals and performances
  • Megasorber consulted to provide a solution.

Product requirements

  • Product installed as a retrofit, so can only be installed on top of existing roofing panels
  • Product must be suitable for all weather environment, as it will be exposed to rain and UV
  • High level of acoustic performance required to provide sufficient noise reduction inside the building
  • Aesthetically pleasing appearance
  • Simple to install
  • Cost effective solution required.

Megasorber D14
D14-1000 Self adhesive vibration damping sheet. Sheet size 130mm x 1000mm x 2mm thick.

Product features

  • High damping performance: typical noise reduction is about 20dB(A) when tested on a large freely suspended Colorbond panel
  • High temperature resistance: the product can withstand temperature up to 200°C (short term exposure).
  • Excellent bonding strength: the product has a unique in-built adhesive system and has high bonding strength with metal panels.
  • Easy to handle: product was custom designed to fit within the ridges of the aluminium roof with a sheet size of 130mm x 1000mm
  • Low installation cost: product is applied with a simple “peel and stick” application, specifically designed to be applied to flat roof panel sections


  • Installation of vibration damping without removing the existing roofing panels
  • 50% – 60% area coverage, providing a substantial cost saving in installation.

The project

Acoustic Consultant:Marshall Day Acoustics
Deakin University Burwood: Building P

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Deakin University Burwood

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