Project requirements

Donhad manufactures steel balls for mining industries. Their engineers contacted Megasorber and provided the following information about a noise problem:

  • The impact noise generated from hot steel balls dropping onto a rotating steel wheel was extremely loud—up to 125dB(A).
  • The rotating steel wheel was constructed with a 12mm thick steel plate.
  • The steel balls were still 700°C to 800°C when they reached the wheel.
  • It was estimated that the temperature of the steel wheel was about 120°C to 150°C.
  • Many soundproofing methods and materials, such as a rubber mats, were trialled but the noise problem persisted.

Product features

  • High vibration damping material.
  • Fire resistant and tolarating high temperatures.
  • Suitable for engineering environment
  • Cost effective to install.

Megasorber DIS8

2 mm thick self-adhesive vibration isolation and damping sheet with release liner on both sides.

Megasorber AC5

Environmentally safe, biodegradable adhesive cleaner.

Product installation

The steel wheel plate was thoroughly cleaned with Megasorber AC5. After peeling of the release liner, the Megasorber DIS8 was installed onto the steel wheel plate. After peeling the second release liner, the 3 mm thick steel plate was installed on top of the DIS8. The top plate was mechanically fixed with small bolts on the corner of the plate. The installation was completed in 2013.


,,We have put the wheel in operation and it made a big difference.

Ian Wilson, Environmental Engineer, Donhad

The project

Donhad Manufacturing Plant
Site Address: 59 Goulburn St, Sydney NSW 2000

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Donhad Manufacturing Plant

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