flexible noise barrier with
G8 fireproof facing

Flexible high performance sound barrier with a fireproof facing, specifically engineered to have low stiffness to maximise sound transmission loss and effectively block noise.

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key features

Aesthetically appealing finish.

High flexibility for maximum sound blocking.

Fireproof/non-combustible G8 facing.

Excellent for hanging applications such as acoustic curtains.

Easy to cut and install: product can be glued, stapled or nailed into position.


Soundproofing lining for walls, ceilings.

Office partitions.

Acoustic curtains.

Acoustic doors.

Pipe or duct lagging for soundproofing.

Noise barrier in ceiling spaces.

Dry wall partitions.

Small machinery enclosures.

Wrapping fan casings.

fireproof sound curtains for industrial spaces.


reinforced noise barrier


mouldable noise barrier


foam-barrier composite