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The old terminal was operating beyond capacity. In 2019 the Gold Coast International Airport looked after over 6.6 million passengers and this was predicted to more than double in ten years. The aim of the terminal expansion was to help meet demand and to create an impressive entry point to the nation’s leading tourism area, the Gold Coast.

This airport expansion project involved the development of a new three-level terminal, including aerobridges, built to the south of the existing terminal.

Megasorber FM75 acoustic panels were specified to meet the rigorous design requirements:
(1) high acoustic performance with NRC 1.0;
(2) high thermal insulation value R 2.2;
(3) suitable for exposure to the elements;
(4) suitable for direct-fix to the concrete soffit and
(5) surface easy to clean.

Six thousand square metres of these Megasorber acoustic panels were installed on the concrete soffit. The acoustic panels reduce the echo and reverberation inside the terminal, and provide thermal insulation keeping the space cool in summer and warm in winter.

The project resulted in an ultra-modern and efficient airport able to handle the increase in travellers demands.


Megasorber FM75W-RB

75mm inherently fire-resistant and lightweight acoustic panels with water-repellent Black Soundmesh® G8 facing.
Acoustic rating: NRC 1.0
Thermal insulation rating: R2.2



Megasorber T75B-50

Self-adhesive Soundmesh G8 tape Black, 75mm wide and 50m roll.




  • Superior sound absorption using patented technology.
  • Non-combustible woven fabric Soundmesh G8 facing, which is tough and durable
  • Water repellent facing on FM.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy to cut & install.


Megasorber FM75 acoustic panels were direct-fixed on the soffits with concrete pins throughout the airport building. The perimeter edges were covered with black colorbond J- profile trims. The joints between the panels were concealed with colour-matching, self-adhesive Soundmesh G8 tape (black).

The installation of the 6,000 square metres was completed in 2020.


,,The panels are incredibly lightweight, easy to cut on-site and great to work with. The acoustic panel transformed the cold concrete soffit into a warm and pleasing appearance…

Kane Wadsworth

Site Manager, Wadsworth Contracting Pty Ltd

The project

Builder: Lendlease
Installer: Wadsworth Contracting Pty Ltd
Location: Eastern Ave, Bilinga QLD 4225

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