high tack & high temperature resistant adhesive

Megasorber A200 is a high-tack and high-temperature resistant adhesive utilising the latest polymer-alloy technology.

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key features

High tack and high bonding strength.

Free of solvent, isocyanate, PVC and silicones.

Single component, moisture cured formulation.

Odourless and fast curing.

Suitable for aquatic centres and pool environments.

High temperature resistance up to 200°C (short term exposure only)

Completely weather resistant.


Environmentally friendly: low VOC.

Easy application – can be extruded using hand, air or battery gun.

Sausage and cartridge options available.


Designed for bonding Megasorber acoustic materials: Megasorber P, Megasorber FG, MegasorbervC, Megasorber B, Megasorber BG and Megasorber BR.

Megasorber A200 provides excellent bonding of most common materials, such as foam, polyester, aluminium, stainless steel, galvanised steel, zinc, copper, brass, powder coated metal, glass, acrylic glass, ceramics, stone, concrete, ABS, PBT, PVC hard and soft, PPE, EPDM, wood, powder-coated, varnished, galvanized, chromalized and galvanised and chromalized surfaces and more.


sound absorbing panel


high temperature resistant adhesive


sound absorbing panel