industrial soundproofing

Megasorber designs and manufactures soundproofing materials and products to bring noise and vibration under control. Our unique 4-fold approach provides proven soundproofing solutions to meet Occupational Health and Safety requirements and improve industrial work environments.

The Megasorber 4-fold approach consists of:
1. Sound absorbers for air-borne noise solutions.
2. Vibration damping products to reduce the noise generated via panel vibrations.
3. Noise barriers to block unwanted noise.
4. Isolation products to reduce structure borne noise.

Our experienced acoustic engineers will work with you to customise soundproofing solutions to each individual noise and vibration issue. We incorporate modern design with flexibility to suit many an industrial environment, including but not limited to:

  • Generators, pumps, hydraulic power units and lighting towers.
  • Mining trucks and mining equipment.
  • Buses and coaches.
  • Train, tram, and locomotives.
  • Marine industry.
  • Manufacturing plants.
  • Power stations and sub-stations.
  • Plant rooms.
  • Acoustic pipe lagging.
  • Air-handling units.
  • HVAC duct break-out noise reduction.
  • Servers.

Call our team of experts to discuss customised soundproofing solutions on + 61 3 9077 2918.

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