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Lanzhou is a tourism hub on the ancient Silk Road and an important city in the “One Belt, One Road” Chinese Economic strategy. The local tourism authority commissioned French company, ECA2, to design a Cultural Centre in Lanzhou, to showcase the Legend of Pan Gu, who in Chinese mythology created the universe.

This impressive undercover outdoor theatre was created by Chief Architect Chengcheng Chi and her team. In an interview with, she explained that her inspiration came from the mythical Pan Gu and the provincial architecture. The entire theatre is curved, no walls are straight, the roof represents the wings of a bird, and the blue-grey tiles are similar to those used in nearby traditional houses. The hole in the middle of the roof reflects on the ground, representing both the sun and the moon.

Impeccable acoustics were required for this top-notch theatre. The ECA2 technical team and the PEUTZ acoustic engineers worked closely with Megasorber Chief Engineer and inventor Dr. Harvey Law. His patented Megasorber Soundmesh® G8 sound-absorbing fabric was deemed ideal, having significant acoustic and technical advantages for this project.

Not only does this fabric have excellent sound absorption capacity, but Megasorber Soundmesh G8 acoustic fabric is also water-repellent and suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. Soundmesh G8 can withstand extreme heat in dry and humid conditions and has the ability to withstand rain, hail and snow in cold climates.

Megasorber Soundmesh® G8 is non-combustible, which is especially beneficial in meeting stringent fire safety requirements.

Megasorber G8 fabric is an excellent substrate for image projections – imperative for high-quality images and sound requirements. A groundbreaking phenomenon known as Jet Fog was created by ECA2 by combining mist and smoke to create denser conditions for laser, light, and video effects. Additionally, in Lanzhou, ECA2 showcased their inaugural and remarkable utilization of laser diodes. Consequently, testing the acoustic fabric alongside this system became essential. Both white Soundmesh G8 and grey Soundmesh G8 went through stringent testing, and the grey Soundmesh G8 was selected. Megasorber Soundmesh® G8 acoustic fabric was attached to over 7,000 perforated curved aluminium ceiling tiles via a combination of heat and contact spray adhesive.

With an audience of 1,450 people, the theatre hosted its first show in September 2019.


Megasorber Soundmesh® G8A-RG

Patented non-combustible water-repellent sound absorbing fabric in grey with heat-reactive adhesive backing.

This product is available in a range of colours. The photo shows the black version.




Megasorber Soundmesh G8A acoustic backing fabrics were bonded on perforated aluminium tiles with either heat process or contact adhesive. More than 7000 tiles were installed on the walls and the ceiling of the Lanzhou theatre.
The installation was completed in 2019.


Testimonial 1

,, Both domes are made with perforated panels which make the sound go through them. And just after, there is acoustic treatment. We use the G8, an Australian fabric. It is fire-resistant, waterproof, and also absorbs the sounds.

Technical Director Clément Rabréaud, ECA2
BLOOLOOP, October 2019

Testimonial 2

ECA2 video testimonial of the Legend of Pangu multimedia show at the Lanzhou Theatre in China in 2019.

The project

Show created, designed & produced by ECA2
Acoustic Consultant: PEUTZ
Location: No.38, Xijin Donglu, Lanzhou, Gansu Province

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