Soundproofing requirements

The Leonardian Centre is a world-class performing arts venue. The 600-seat auditorium is equipped with flexible acoustic technology to accommodate and showcase a variety of performances.

The Centre is designed in a traditional shoebox shape with perforated wooden panels. Aesthetically pleasing, these unique perforated wooden panels contain graphics from the St Leonard’s College Crest, creating a beautiful artistic environment.

Megasorber non-combustible acoustic fabric is attached to the back of the decorative perforated wooden panels, transforming them into sound-absorbing panels. Combining various hole sizes and box depths, the Megasorber acoustic backing fabric provides acoustic engineers with tremendous scope and design flexibility.


Megasorber Soundmesh® G8A

Patented fire proof non-combustible sound absorbing fabric in black with heat reactive adhesive backing.




Megasorber Soundmesh G8A acoustic backing fabrics were bonded on the back of perforated timber panels. These decorative wooden panels were installed on the walls and the ceiling of the Leonardian Centre.

The project was completed in 2020.


,,… that acoustic experts worldwide agree is the most successful model, and the 3D patterns on the walls optimise the acoustics..

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The project

Architect: ARM Architecture
Acoustic Consultant: Marshall Day Acoustics
Builder: ADCO
Location: St Leonard’s College, 163 South Road, Brighton East, VIC 3187.

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Leonardian Centre

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