Lightweight & Inherently Fire-Resistant

MCG’s $25m audio upgrade allowed to shine thanks to 3000sqm of Megasorber sound absorption. Stadia are almost by definition, acoustically hostile. They are huge concrete edifices with an endless array of reflective surfaces only ameliorated somewhat by the soft, squidgy human occupants come game day.

Product features

  • High sound absorption capabilities: NRC 1.0
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Suitable for exposed environment
  • Water repellent Soundmesh® G8 facing
  • Fire-resistant acoustic panels
  • Easy to clean
  • Cost-effective to install

Megasorber P100G-RG

P100G-RG 100mm acoustic polyester panel with water repellent Soundmesh® G8 facing (Grey).

Product installation

Direct-fix onto concrete soffit with Megasorber A200 onto walls and ceiling.

Total area approx. 3,000m2


Shadow line finish with a gap of 20mm to 30mm between panels.

The project

Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne
Project Manager Rutledge AV
Acoustic Consultant Auditoria
Installer Van Pelt Builders

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MCG Case Study

Acoustic results


MCG Level 1 Bay

Reverberation time before and after installation of Megasorber acoustic panels.

It is evident that there is a significant decrease in reverberation time for each bay.

MCG Level 1 Atrium

Reverberation time before and after installation of Megasorber acoustic panels.

It is evident that there is a significant decrease in reverberation time for the Atrium area.


In the heart of Melbourne, where history echoes through the colossal arches of the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), superior musical spectacles unfold. The acoustic sound quality of the MCG has been praised by many artists and their devoted fans. In February 2024, Taylor Swift graced the MCG with her “ERAs Tour”. There were no echo reverberation issues in the Northern stands. Swift’s voice was allowed to shine thanks to the 3000 square meters of Megasorber acoustic sound absorption panels. These panels, unassuming in appearance, possess a secret: they stop sound bouncing around, enabling fans to cherish every note, every lyric, creating an auditory heaven. As the crowd sang loudly the lyrics of “Love Story” and “Shake It Off,” the panels absorbed the sound, the cheers and the applause, enhancing the overall experience of nearly 100,000 fans per night for 3 nights. A whopping record breaking number for Taylor and the biggest concert she has ever performed on any tour.

In March 2023, across two sell-out shows, Ed Sheeran etched his name into the annals of MCG history, shattering attendance records with more than 215,000 voices, chanting the choruses of “Shape of You”, “Perfect”, and Ed’s other hits. Also then, the MCG, with its 3000 sqm of Megasorber acoustic panels, became a celestial amphitheatre, producing amazingly clear acoustics, long remembered after the final encore.

As the crowd roars at the MCG, the panels hold their secrets, preserving the harmonies of legends. The Age article chronicled the event and mentions the acoustics, but the true tale unfolds in the hearts of those who witness such symphonies – a once-in-a-lifetime collision of brilliance and sound, etching memories into eternity.

More information about the excellent performance of the Megasorber acoustic soundproofing panels can be found in the MCG article in the 10th issue of Mondo Stadia, February 2020.

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