Soundproofing requirements

As the second busiest airport in Australia, Victoria’s Melbourne Airport, began construction of a new domestic terminal late 2013 and was officially opened in August 2015. This new terminal (T4), was built with a capacity to handle ten million passengers a year, and to accommodate three airlines.

Terminal 4 is a 20,000m2, three-story facility, featuring self-service check-in kiosks, automated bag drop facilities, security checks, departure and arrival lounges, as well as a range of retail and dining outlets.

Megasorber P25 acoustic panels were specified and direct-fixed onto the concrete soffits to provide acoustic and thermal insulation. These acoustic panels minimise ambient noise and provide a comfortable and welcoming environment for such a bustling airport terminal.


Megasorber P25G-RW

25mm acoustic panels with water-repellent White Soundmesh® G8 facing.
Also commonly used product: Megasorber FM25W-RW.


Megasorber A200

High tack and temperature resistant adhesive using the latest polymer-alloy technology. Available in sausages and cartridges.




The Megasorber P absorption panels where direct fixed onto the concrete soffit ceiling with galvanised steel panels using Megasorber A200 adhesive and concrete pins. The design features a shadow line (express) finish between the panels, with J-profile edges covering the panel ends.

The project

Architect: Hassell
Acoustic Consultant: Arup Acoustic Consulting
Location: Departure Drive, Melbourne Airport, Tullamarine, VIC

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T4 Terminal, Melbourne Airport

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