Beautiful theatre, amazing sound

Northcote Theatre is a charming heritage-protected building. The installation of a sophisticated sound system transformed this historic building into an amazing venue for live music and theatrical performances.

With polished floorboards and decorative plasterboard on the walls and ceiling, our highly absorptive acoustic panels, Megasorber FM50 and Megasorber FM100, were installed to reduce the reverberation/echo noise.

The thicker Megasorber FM100 was installed on the stage walls and ceiling.  Megasorber FM50 acoustic panels were attached to plasterboard walls and curved in some areas, preserving the original heritage nature of the building.   A unique and aesthetically pleasing combination of black acoustic panels on white plasterboard walls and ceilings has created an amazing state-of-the-art acoustic theatre experience, which also hosts multi-level bars.

The Megasorber FM50 and FM100 acoustic panels have effectively reduced the reverberation/echo inside the theatre with stunning results, bringing out the best in their high-end sound system and delighting both artists and patrons.


Megasorber FM50W-B-DS and Megasorber FM100W-B-DS

50mm and 100mm acoustic and thermal insulation panels with water-repellent Soundmesh® G8 facing (Black) on both sides





  • Superior sound absorption using patented technology.
  • Non-combustible woven acoustic fabric Soundmesh G8 facing, which is tough, durable and easy to clean.
  • BCA/NCC Group 1 fire rating – inherently fire-resistant.
  • Easy to cut & install.


The walls are designed with a unique pattern of black acoustic panels. It creates a stunning effect with the white plasterboards and unique ceilings.


Megasorber FM50 and Megasorber FM100 black acoustic panels, with Soundmesh G8 on both sides,  installed via direct-fix on the walls, using Megasorber A200 adhesive.



The project

Acoustic Consultant: Noise Consulting & Management Pty Ltd
Installer: Northcote Theatre
AV System Installer: Front of House Productions Australia
Location: 216 High Street, Northcote, Victoria

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Northcote Theatre

Acoustic results

Below highlights the comments from some happy patrons (Google reviews):

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