Two reclaimers with operator cabins located close to bucket wheel and drive components. Operators subjected to excessive noise, causing OHS concerns. Airborne and structure-borne noise, typically at low frequencies

Product recommendations

  • Clean all substrates with Megasorber AC5 adhesive cleaner to maximise adhesion
  • Floor area: Adhere 2 layers of D14 to the underside of the floor panels
  • Cabin wall and ceiling: Apply 2 layers of D14 then FG50 on top
  • Floor cavity: Place Megasorber C50 inside the cavity under the floor
  • Access door: Apply 2 layers of D14 to door panels then FG50 on top
  • Seal the joins between panels with colour matching Soundmesh® G8 tape

Product features

  • Superior sound absorption capabilities: NRC 1.0 (FG50)
  • High vibration damping (D14)
  • Proven noise reductin (C50)
  • Tough & durable
  • Easy to install

Megasorber D14
Self-adhesive vibration dampening sheet

Megasorber FG50G-G
50mm acoustic panels with Soundmesh® G8 facing (grey)

Megasorber C50-B
50mm soundproofing composite with Soundmesh® G8 facing (black)

Product installation

Direct fix to ceiling with A100 spray adhesive

The project

Port Kembla Coal Terminal – Reclaimer Operator Cabin
Location: Wollongong, New South Wales

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Port Kembla coal reclaimer cabin


“We collected noise data pre-works and post-works and were able to achieve an overall noise reduction inside RC1 Operator’s cabin of between 12-13 dB(A).”

“The work has been successful both in terms of noise reduction, improved thermal insulation and overall aesthetics.”

Max Varmedja
Projects Superintendent – Port Kembla Coal Terminal

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