Soundproofing requirements

The acoustic design for this state-of-the-art recording & editing facility requires superior speech intelligibility and speech privacy.

Aesthetically pleasing – create an inspiring environment by combining black, white, and grey acoustic panels. Create a unique design using 3D effects on the walls and ceiling.


Megasorber FM25W-RW & Megasorber FM50W-RW

25mm & 50mm lightweight acoustic panels with White Soundmesh® G8 facing


FM25 & FM50


Megasorber P50G-B

50mm acoustic polyester panels with Soundmesh® G8 facing (Grey and Black)





  • High sound absorption capabilities: NRC 1.0.
  • Excellent thermal insulation.
  • AS5637.1 BCA Group 1 fire classification for Megasorber FM panels and Group 2 for Megasorber P panels.
  • Lightweight and easy to install.
  • Cost-effective to install.


Two acoustic panel thicknesses are used (25mm & 50mm) to create a three-dimensional effect both for visual aesthetic and acoustic performance.
Acoustic panels utilised three facing colours – black, grey and white, to enhance the impact of the three-dimensional design.


Ceiling: Megasorber FM25 and FM50 with white finish, installed using direct fix with A200 adhesive.
Walls: A combination of Megasorber P50 in Grey and Black finishes and Megasorber FM50 in white finish, installed using direct fix with A200 adhesive. To stop noise intrusion into the recording studio, Megasorber B8 was sandwiched between the plasterboard walls.

The project

Architect: 6 Degrees Architects
Location: Building 5, Level 3 Bowen Street, Melbourne Victoria

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RMIT TV studio

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