self-adhesive constrained
layer damping sheet

Megasorber FM sound absorbing panel provides superior acoustic performance, is inherently fire resistant and lightweight.

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key features

High-efficiency vibration material for reducing impact or vibration-induced noise.

Vehicle metal panel damper – locomotives, trains and trucks.

Reduce impact and vibration-induced noise of metal panels in enclosure and metal housing.

Marine industry sound deadener especially for aluminium panels.

Metal roof panel damper – reduce raindrop impact noise.

Heat shield patches.


High damping efficiency reduces panel vibration and resonant noise effectively.

Excellent adhesion to most substrates, easy to apply – just peel and stick.

Fire-resistant: IMO Resolution A653(16) compliant and AS1530.3: 0,0,0,0-1 fire rating.

Service temperature range -40℃ to 120℃.

Suitable for heat reflection and insulation.

effectively reduces noise in boats, buses & trains.


vibration damping sheet


self-adhesive damping tile


water-based liquid deadener