self-adhesive vibration damping tile

DT2 is designed to reduce low frequency structure-borne noise, and increase sound transmission loss.

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key benefits

High damping efficiency – reduces panel vibration and resonant noise effectively.

Specialy deisgned for thick metal plates, up to 12mm thick.

Fire-resistant – IMO Resolution A653(16) compliant.

High temperature resistance up to 120°C in overhead and vertical positions.

Self-adhesive for easy “peel and stick” application.


High efficiency vibration damping and isolation material for reducing impact or vibration induced noise.

Excellent vibration damping for thick metal substrates up to 12mm thick.

Vibration damping tiles for thick metal plates in locomotives, trains and trucks, enclosures, and metal housing.

Marine applications – ship bulkheads, decks and hulls.


damping sheet


self adhesive damping sheet


liquid deadener