self-adhesive vibration
isolation & damping sheet

Megasorber DIS8 is a vibration isolation and damping material with self-adhesive on both sides. Using the latest polymer alloy technology, DIS8 has a unique polymer blend designed to provide high viscous damping and isolation properties over a wide temperature range.

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key features

High vibration isolation and damping efficiency and reduce panel vibration and resonant noise effectively.

Excellent for thick metal plates up to 12mm thick.

Fire-resistant and complying with IMO Resolution A653(16) for marine applications.

High temperature resistance – it can stand up to 120℃.

Self-adhesive for easy “peel and stick on” application.


High efficiency vibration damping and isolation material for reducing impact and vibration induced noise.

Marine industries: bulkheads, deck and hull.

Locomotives, trains and trams: cabin floor, wheel arches, and walls.

Thick steel substrates: DIS8 + 1mm (or 3mm) steel top plate.

Thick aluminum substrates: DIS8 + 2mm aluminium top plate.

Reduce “cross talks” between rooms on exisitng walls: DIS8 + addiotnal plaster board.

reduces noise of mining trucks, train, ships and locomotives.


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