Soundproofing requirements

The Shaw Park Complex is the mecca for major events and performing arts in Tobago.

The 1mm thick click-lock flat aluminium roof, had major noise issues due to rain noise (impact from raindrops), as well as the thumping, and scratching noise from seabirds landing and walking along this thin metal roof.

The 8,400 m² aluminium roof was covered with Megasorber LD5 using roller brushes. Megasorber LD5 has significantly reduced the rain noise and the commotion from the local birds.


Megasorber LD5

Water-based, non-toxic vibration damping paint for impact noise reduction on metal sheets or panels.



  • High damping efficiency.
  • Water-based, non-toxic formulation.
  • Fast drying.
  • Non-sag formulation (thixotropic).
  • Excellent adhesion – the product will not delaminate from the substrate
  • Water and UV resistant once dry.
  • Ignition retardant.
  • Easy to apply – can be trowelled on or sprayed on.


A 2mm wet coating thickness (approx. 2.5kg per m2) of Megasorber LD5 was rolled on the metal roof panels with paint brush rollers. Two coats were applied (each coat was ~1mm wet). The installation was completed in 2017.



The project

Acoustic consultant: Winston Riley, ENDECO Ltd
Installer: Weathershield Systems Caribbean Limited
Client: Tobago House of Assembly
Location: Old Government Farm Road, Shaw Park Scarborough, Tobago

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Shaw Park Cultural Facility

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