sound absorbing panel

Megasorber FM sound absorbing panel provides superior acoustic performance, is inherently fire resistant and lightweight.

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key benefits

Superior sound absorption using patented technology.

Inherently fire-resistant sound absorbing panel.

AS 5637.1 BCA Group 1 fire classification.

ISO 5660 Group 1 fire classification.

EN45545-2 meets all requirements of R1 for a HL1, HL2, HL3 Hazard Level Classification for fire protection on railway vehicles.

Light weight.

Water repellent facing (optional).

Splash resistant to water and engine fluid.

Easy to cut and install.

Easy to clean facing: dirt and dust can be easily removed with Clean M8 block.

Excellent heat and ageing resistant properties.

highest fire rating
(BCA Group 1)

No ignition, no spread of flame and no drips when exposed to fire. Megasorber FM has Building Code Australia (BCA) Group 1 fire rating as per AS5637.1-2015 and ISO 5660 Group 1 fire classification.



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High-efficiency sound-absorbing material for noise reduction in various applications:

Acoustic lining for compressors, blowers, generator set enclosures.

Soundproofing lining for machinery, equipment, electronic and electrical equipment, ventilation, or air ducts.

Acoustic lining plant rooms, equipment rooms.

Engine bay insulators and interior sound absorption for buses, trucks, cars and trains.

Acoustic and thermal lining for railway vehicles.

Marine engine room noise reduction.


sound absorbing panel


sound absorbing fabric


sound absorbing panel