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Soundproofing for High Rise Plant Room

Soundproofing Products Used

sound absorbing polyester wool with fireproof acoustic facing in four colours
Megasorber P100
100mm thick acoustic polyester panel with a grey water-repellent, fireproof acoustic facing for plant room walls and ceiling
fireproof tape for soundproofing
Soundmesh G8 Tape
Fireproof, high-temperature resistant tape to seal joins
Self-Adhesive Constrained-Layer Vibration Damping Sheet
Megasorber D14
2mm thick self-adhesive constrained layer vibration damping sheet for metal duct works and metal pales
High-Tack and High-Temperature Resistant Adhesive
Megasorber A200
High-tack, high-temperature resistant adhesive

Noise Problem

The noises that we were dealing with were both structure-borne and air-borne, the source of which was a Cold Water Pump Room with an air conditioning duct on Level 40 and a Hot Water Pump Room with boilers on Level 41.

The noises heard were a mixture between a low pitched hum / vibration noise (both air-borne and structure-borne – source Level 41) heard within the immediately adjoining spaces on Level 41 to a higher pitched rattle / ringing noise (structure-borne only – source Level 40) heard throughout ALL the nearby spaces across Levels 39-42.

Soundproofing Solution

After analysing the noise spectrum with the Megasorber 4-fold approach, Megasorber engineers put forward the following soundproofing proposal:

The Plant Rooms: before and after soundproofing

Plant Room Noise Problems
Acoustic panels to be applied to walls and ceilings
Plant Room Noise Problem
Vibration damping sheets to be applied to metal duct works and metal panels
High Rise Plant Room before soundproofing installation
Pre Installation
High Rise Plant Room after soundproofing installation
Post Installation
High Rise Plant Room before soundproofing installation
Pre Installation
High Rise Plant Room after soundproofing installation
Post Installation


High Rise Building Soundproofing
Soleil Apartments, Brisbane

Dealing with Megasorber was an easy, professional and very helpful experience all the way through. I am really satisfied with the product, it has most definitely achieved the goal that I was after.

The noises from the pump rooms have been significantly decreased, they are now quieter than they ever have been. Whilst the noises are still there, no post construction acoustic product will completely nullify the sounds / noises – only the correct treatment during construction may have achieved that – but I sincerely believe this product has achieved the best possible outcome.

Within the pump rooms themselves you can definitely notice the difference in noise levels, but most importantly it has absorbed a lot of the sound internally which means the transfer of sound from the pump rooms into the adjacent apartments and corridors has reduced significantly too – which is the most important thing. I believe this outcome is the best possible outcome given the circumstances.

The install carried out was quick, thorough and professional also. It was never intended to be a perfect, clean install but still, the product (and the install) have achieved a very clean and neat finish.

As with the product itself, I am very satisfied with the install and how the level of installation, along with the quality of the product, have worked well together to achieve a great outcome.

Thanks Harvey

Justin McSherry
Graduate of Architecture

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