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Soundproofing for Optus Stadium, Perth, Australia

Builder: Multiplex
Acoustic Consultant: Marshall Day Acoustics
Installer: Cubic Group (Cubic Interiors)

Perth's Optus Stadium is a world-class multi-purpose venue with a wide range of 'fans first' facilities. The stadium was completed in 2017. Megasorber's acoustic products were specified and installed in various areas throughout the stadium  to meet the airborne and impact sound insulation requirements of the project.

Acoustic panels for direct-fix onto concrete soffits

Key design requirements

  • High sound absorption capacity: NRC = 1.0
  • Fire resistant: Group 1 BCA fire rating
  • Must provide both acoustic and thermal insulation
  • Suitable for open elements
  • Cost effective to install
  • Easy to clean

Speified acoustic product

Meeting these design requirements, Megasorber FM50W-B was selected and specified for direct-fix onto the concrete soffits. FM50 is a lightweight acoustic foam panel with a fireproof acoustic facing. Megasorber A200 adhesive was used to direct-fix the acoustic panels onto the concrete soffits.

Acoustic panels direct-fix onto concrete soffitAcoustic panels to soundproof concrete soffitAcoustic panels on concreteAcoustic panels on concrete soffit

Acoustic boards to sit behind timber battens

Megasorber PN5B-B (Black) was selected and specified to sit behind timber battens. PN5 is an acoustic board with a fireproof acoustic facing.

Acoustic backing for timber battens

Key features of Megasorber PN5 acoustic board

  • Superior sound absorption capacity, utilising the patented sound absorption technology, with NRC up to 0.80
  • Thin and flexible: it can be curved to suit various contours
  • Fire-resistant: it has an inherently fire-resistant Soundmesh G8 facing

Megasorber PN5 was used around the entrance areas, Coaches' Room area, bars, cafes and public corridors. Total areas installed: about 5,000m2

Flexible acoustic boards
Megasorber PN5 acoustic boards can be
curved to suit various contours

Acoustic backing for perforated panels

Megasorber Soundmesh G8A was installed behind perforated panels. Soundmesh G8A is a fireproof acoustic backing. It was bonded onto the back of the perforated panels with the pre-attached heat-reactive adhesive. NRC: upto 0.80 with an air gap.

Acoustic backing for slotted panel
Typical example of a slotted panel with
Soundmesh G8A acoustic backing

Perforated panels with acoustic backingPerforated ceiling panels with acoustic backing

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