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Soundproofing for RMIT TV Studios

Soundproofing Products Used

Megasorber P25 & P50
Acoustic Polyester Panels with Fireproof Sound-Absorbing Facing and Self-Adhesive Backing

sound absorbing polyester wool with grey fireproof acoustic facing

sound absorbing polyester wool with black fireproof acoustic facing

sound absorbing polyester wool with white fireproof acoustic facing
White (wrapped)

Fireproof Acoustic Facing Insulation Product

TV Studio Soundproofing RMIT University TV Studio

Location: RMIT TV Studios, Building 5, Level 3 Bowen Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Designer: 6 Degrees Architects

RMITV provides hands-on television experience to RMIT students and members of the local community.

TV Studio Architectural and Acoustic Requirements

TV Studio Soundproofing Solution

Soundproofing products specified and used

Soundproofing panels installation

TV Studio Soundproofing Results

The main recording room:
Soundproofing recording studio Soundproofing TV recording studio

The control and music mixing rooms soundproofing:
Soundproofing Control Room Soundproofing Music Mixing Room

The editing rooms soundproofing:
Soundproofing Editing Room Soundproofing TV Editing Room

The 3D effect on the ceiling with a combination of P50WH (50mm) and P25WH (25mm):
Soundproofing Recording Studio Ceiling Soundproofing TV Recording Studio Ceiling

The 3D effect on the walls with a combination of P50 and P25 in various colours:
Soundproofing Recording Studio Walls Soundproofing TV Recording Studio Walls
Soundproofing Recording Studio Wall Soundproofing TV Recording Studio Wall

Testimonial from the producer and the recording crew at RMIT

We love these studios. The 3D design is fantastic. When we talk in the corridor, it is so echoey. As soon as we are inside the studio, the conversation just becomes so crystal clear. It is amazing.

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