Noise barriers are essential components in soundproofing and acoustic management, designed to mitigate noise pollution in a range of different industry environments. These noise barriers work by blocking sound waves, providing an effective solution to reduce the intrusion of unwanted noise. Their application spans across numerous sectors, including architectural designs, industrial settings, transport infrastructure, and urban development projects, demonstrating their versatility and importance in creating quieter, more comfortable spaces.

Innovative materials and technologies have significantly improved the effectiveness of noise barriers. Products like flexible noise barriers, fire-resistant barriers, and reinforced barriers offer customisable solutions tailored to specific needs. These barriers are not only effective in reducing sound transmission but also come with additional benefits such as thermal formability, fire resistance, and enhanced durability. The choice of material and design depends on the specific requirements of the project, including the type of noise to be mitigated, environmental conditions, and aesthetic considerations.

Understanding noise barrier technology

Understanding the technical aspects of noise barriers, such as sound transmission loss (STL), sound transmission class (STC), and the weighted sound reduction index (Rw), is crucial. These metrics help in evaluating the performance of a barrier in attenuating airborne sound. Factors like the mass of the barrier and its thickness play a significant role in its soundproofing efficiency, governed by principles such as the Mass Law. However, challenges such as the critical frequency of partition materials can impact performance, highlighting the need for internal damping and material diversity to optimise sound reduction.

The development and installation of noise barriers require careful consideration and expertise to ensure they meet the desired soundproofing objectives. With advancements in material science and acoustic engineering, it is possible to design thin partitions that offer high sound insulation levels, demonstrating that effective noise mitigation can be achieved without compromising on space or aesthetics.

Noise barrier products

Megasorber noise barrier is designed to block out or attenuate un-wanted sound, with noise blocking performance of up to STC (or Rw) 30

Our engineers have developed three different noise barrier products, each suitable for different application types. From installation inside walls and ceilings to a heavy-duty industrial noise curtain, Megasorber has a barrier for most project types.

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Fire-resistant flexible
noise barrier

Megasorber BG

Megasorber BG is a high-performance, flexible noise barrier product that combines aesthetic appeal with inherently fire-resistant properties. Engineered with low stiffness for maximum sound transmission loss, it effectively blocks noise, making it ideal for architectural and building applications like soundproofing walls, ceilings, office partitions, and acoustic curtains. Its fire-resistant G8 facing meets stringent fire safety standards, including the BS 476 Part 4 and ISO 5660 Group 1 classifications, ensuring safety in a variety of environments. Megasorber BG offers an effective solution for enhancing speech privacy and reducing noise transmission in critical spaces.

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Flexible and thermal-formable
noise barrier

Megasorber B

Megasorber B is a versatile and flexible noise barrier designed for superior soundproofing across a variety of applications. Its unique properties allow it to be thermally moulded, making it ideal for intricate shapes and spaces, such as vehicles or industrial machinery enclosures. Megasorber B can be discreetly installed between stud walls and plasterboards, or sandwiched between two plasterboards, occupying only a few millimetres of space. By augmenting sound transmission loss, Megasorber B plays a pivotal role in enhancing speech privacy and mitigating noise pollution, particularly in environments such as medical facilities, educational institutions, residential spaces, and in justice systems’ areas. Megasorber B is also environmentally friendly, being 100% recyclable, and demonstrates exceptional noise reduction performance. It’s an economical choice for projects requiring effective noise barrier solutions.

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Reinforced flexible
noise barrier

Megasorber BR

Megasorber BR is a flexible, reinforced, high-performance noise barrier product designed for exceptional noise blocking with low stiffness to improve sound transmission loss. It is heat resistant, functioning effectively across a wide temperature range (-40°C to +130°C), making it versatile for various applications. Its reinforced backing enhances mechanical strength, making it suitable for use as acoustic curtains and in other hanging applications. Additionally, Megasorber BR is noted for its significant soundproofing effect, easily fabricated and installed, and is tested for STC and Rw ratings to quantify its noise reduction capabilities.

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