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International Maritime Organization IMO Compliant Fireproof Soundproofing Facing

Megasorber PN

Acoustic Board with
Fireproof Sound-Absorbing Facing



Acoustic Board with Fireproof Sound-Absorbing Facing

Megasorber PN is a semi-rigid sound absorption board with a patented acoustically tuned  fireproof sound absorbing facing Soundmesh® G8 (U.S. Patent No. 8167085, Canada Patent No. 2674986, Australia Patent No. 2009206197).

Soundmesh G8 has been engineered and tuned to maximize the sound absorption. As a result, Megasorber PN provides exceptional high sound absorption, especially at low to mid frequencies.



Sound Absorption Mechanism of Soundmesh G8 with Acoustic Polyester Board

Note:  Traditional fireproof faced materials and sound reflecting solid film facings (such as aluminium foil, mylar film and polyurethane film) have little or zero acoustic properties and block noise from being absorbed by the underlying materials.

Fluid-Repellent Acoustic Facing
Fluid-repellent facing (Optional)

Megasorber PN has BCA (Building Code of Australia) Group 2 Classification. It complies with IMO Resolution A653(16) requirements.

The unique Soundmesh® G8 facing material has BS 476 Part 4 "non-combustible" classification, BCA (Building Code of Australia) Group 1 Fire Classification and ISO 5660 Group 1 Fire Classification. It complies with IMO Resolution A653(16) requirements, and has high-temperature resistance up to 550°C.

Megasorber PN is specifically designed for (1) acoustic backing board for timber battens, timber slats and so on; (2) drop-in ceiling tiles for standard ceiling grid and (3) printable acoustic board.

A fluid/water repellent Soundmesh G8 facing option is also available. The built-in water / fluid repellent property provides for easy cleaning and maintenance of the facing and makes it suitable for outdoor applications. 

Standard facing colours are: white (W), black (B), grey (G) and sandstone (S). Soundmesh G8 can be colour-matched to any specific colour, however, minimum order quantity will apply.

Key Features

Australian Made and Owned Acoustic Board
  • Fireproof / fire-resistant facing
  • BCA Group 2 Classification.
  • IMO Resolution A653(16) compliant
  • Designed for maximum noise absorption
  • Tough, durable and (optional) water/fluid repellent facing
  • Environmentally friendly with 100% recyclable acoustic polyester wool
  • Long service life i.e., will not deteriorate when exposed to hot and humid conditions.

Key Benefits

  • Fire resistant facing to reduce potential fire hazards
  • Suitable for all buildings under BCA fire requirements for wall and ceiling linings
  • Maximum noise reduction
  • Non-hazardous, safe to handle
  • Easy to install, i.e., low installation costs
  • Low maintenance costs.


Megasorber PN is specifcally designed to be used behind timber slats, perforated or slotted MDF board /cement sheets/plasterboards, perforated metal sheet, etc, for reverberation or echo noise reduction for:

  • Commercial and office buildings
  • Call centres
  • School buildings
  • Restaurants, bars, clubs
  • Music rooms, recording studios, home theatres
  • Sports stadiums, multipurpose halls, school halls
  • Indoor swimming pools.

    Some of the typical applications are as follows:

Soundproofing behind timber slat panels
Megasorber PN5 behind timber slat panels

Soundproofing ceiling tile
Megasorber PN8 and PN8 on standard ceiling grids

Soundproofing behind expanded metal ceiling panels
Megasorber PN5 with expanded metal ceiling panels

Acoustic performance of PN5 and PN8:

Acoustic backing for timber slats and battens and perforated MDF boards:

performance graph

performance graph

performance graph

Standard Product Range

Standard Product Nominal
Sheet Size
Megasorber PN5 5mm Black 1.2m x 2.4m
Megasorber PN8 8mm Black 1.2m x 2.4m


Standard Soundmesh G8 colours are Black (B), White (W), Sandstone (S) and Grey (G). MOQ applies for other G8 colours.

Understanding Our Product Codes

Roll your cursor over or tap to reveal key:

PN 5 B-B- DS

For example: 

Megasorber PN5B-B: 5mm thick, black base with black Soundmesh G8 facing 

Megasorber PN5B-B-DS: 5mm thick, black base with black Soundmesh G8 facing on both sides

Megasorber PN8W-RW: 8mm thick, white base, water repellent white Soundmesh G8 facing

Megasorber PN8W-RW-DS: 8mm thick, white base, water repellent white Soundmesh G8 facing on both sides

  1. The default base colour is black for PN5 and white for PN8.
  2. Water repellent facing is recommended for easy surface cleaning.
  3. G8 facing may have some stripy appearance. Hairline creases may occur on the facing while handling.
  4. There are colour variations between batches, especially for the grey and sandstone colours. Soundmesh G8 facing made from different batches may be difficult to colour match.
  5. Thickness tolerance is 5mm (-0mm, +1mm) for PN5 and 8mm (-0mm, +1mm) for PN8.   Sheet dimension tolerance is ±1%
  6. Other available sheet sizes are: 1200mm x 1200mm and 120mm x 600mm. Cutting charges apply.



Specifications are subject to change without notice. Please contact us for the latest version. "Fireproof", "Non-flammable", "Non-combustible" means the product has successfully passed AS/NZS 3837, IS0 5660-1, ASTM E1354 Group 1 fire rating (AWTA test report No. 7-566397-CV). Patented Soundmesh G8 (U.S. Patent No. 8167085, Canada Patent No. 2674986, Australia Patent No. 2009206197). The data listed in this data sheet are typical or average values based on tests conducted by independent laboratories or by the manufacturer. They are indicative only of the results obtained in such tests and should not be considered as guaranteed maximums or minimums. Materials and installation methods must be tested under actual service to determine their suitability for a particular purpose. "Aussie engineered and made" means the products are engineered and made in Australia with globally sourced materials.


Base Foam Colour
B = black
W = white
G = grey

Soundmesh G8 Facing
W = white
RW = water-repellent white
B = black
RB = water-repellent black
G = grey
RG = water-repellent grey
S = sandstone
RS = water-repellent sandstone

Optional Extra
DS = G8 on both sides
(blank = G8 on one side only)