Automotive Soundproofing Recommendations

Megasorber’s range of acoustic absorption, noise barrier and vibration damping materials are ideally suited to mitigate unwanted noise in your vehicle.

Treatment Areas

  • Door cavity infill FM25G-G
  • Roof cavity infill FM25G-G

Line metal panels of doors, roof, quarter panels, floor pan, wheel arches and cabin side of firewall with Megasorber D14 vibration damping sheets. D14 has excellent damping performance and adhesion properties.

D14 is widely used in automotive vibration damping, metal roof rain noise reduction as well as in generator enclosures. It is a proven product for many damping applications.

  • Firewall – cabin side C14
  • Floor pan – cabin side C14
  • Boot floor C14

Line boot floor and cabin side of firewall with Megasorber C14 – a specially designed composite for engine noise reduction.

Megasorber C14 increases transmission loss and provides sound absorption hence maximising the noise reduction. This product requires contact adhesive and/or a mechanical method of fixing such as pinning or the use of metal straps.

Further Information

As each project has different requirements, this information should be used as a guide only.

Please contact the Megasorber team with any specific enquiries for additional information and recommendations.

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