Marine Soundproofing Recommendations

Megasorber’s range of acoustic absorption, noise barrier and vibration damping materials are ideally suited to mitigate unwanted noise in vessels of all sizes.

Treatment Areas

Line engine bay/engine room with Megasorber C50-RB or with CM28-RW to absorb noise energy, to reduce reverberation, and to block noise.

Add C50 or CM28 to wall cavities between cabins

  • Hull & Deckhead: Megasorber D14 or DT2S

Line hull and deck head with Megasorber D14 vibration damping sheets. D14 has excellent damping performance and adhesion properties.

For substrates thicker than 5mm, use Megasorber DT2S damping tiles in place of D14 for best performance.

Further Information

As each project has different requirements, this information should be used as a guide only.

Please contact the Megasorber team with any specific enquiries for additional information and recommendations.

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