Noise reduction for power generator sets is becoming more challenging as end users demand lower noise levels.

Typical genset noise is in the low to mid frequency range – Megasorber’s recommended system provides a cost-effective solution to reduce the low frequency structure-borne noise as well as air-borne noise.

Megasorber Quiet System

This system addresses both the low frequency structure-borne noise, and air-borne noise, through use of a vibration damping layer in addition to the absorption panels.

Apply Megasorber D14 sheets directly to the inside of the enclosure panel, and then fix Megasorber FG50 or FM50, using A200 adhesive. Mechanical fixing is recommended when installing in an overhead position.

For enclosures with a panel thickness greater than 4mm, use Megasorber DT2S tiles in place of D14.

Typical noise reduction for this system is up to ~30dB(A).

Minimise breakout noise from inlet & outlet

As with most operating machinery, it is important to allow sufficient air flow to intake and exhaust for efficient operation. This presents a potential issue with noise leakage through openings. Incorporate sound mazes into air inlet and exhaust systems. Examples are provided below. Please consult equipment manufacturer for specific airflow requirements.


Further Information

As each project has different requirements, this information should be used as a guide only.

Please contact the Megasorber team with any specific enquiries for additional information and recommendations.

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