Reducing Echo / Reverberation

Megasorber’s range of acoustic absorption materials are ideally suited to reduce reverberation in a variety of applications.

From halls, churches and stadiums to offices and video-conferencing rooms, restaurants, cafes and bars, to residential and studio applications, Megasorber FM panels assist in creating a comfortable acoustic environment.

If there are many hard surfaces in a room, the ‘noise’, soundwaves are reflected, bounce around, echo and reverberate. This noise energy builds up and gets louder, which is a major source of discomfort for occupants of the room.

Megasorber acoustic absorption panels can be installed on to the ceiling – either directly fixed to or as hanging baffles – and walls to reduce reverberation and improve the room’s acoustics.

Recommended Treatment

We recommend lining the ceiling and walls with Megasorber’s FM range of acoustic absorption panels.

The panels can be easily adhered to the ceiling and tops of the walls with A200 adhesive.

Megasorber FM panels can be cut to different sizes & shapes and have a range of finishing colours depending on your preferred aesthetic.

Finishing options include using a shadow line finish or using a trim around the panel edges. Panels can be custom cut to size and shape, to fit in with your project requirements

In office and school settings, Megasorber FM25 is typically sufficient. In restaurants, bars, halls, and larger public spaces, Megasorber FM50 panels are recommended.

How much absorption do I need?

The general rule of thumb is to treat at least 30-40% (the more the better) of the total surface area with Megasorber FM panels.

Here’s how to calculate the required panel coverage:

Calculate the surface area of all walls, ceiling, and floor.
Note – only count the floor if it has a hard surface like floorboards / tiles etc. You need to treat 30-40% of this total surface area.

Example: For a room that is 6m x 3m x 2.7m with a tile or timber floor…

Walls: 6m x 2.7m (x2)
Walls: 3m x 2.7m (x2)
Ceiling: 6m x 3m
Floor: 6m x 3m

Total Surface Area: 85m2

The area for treatment on the above should therefore be 25 to 34m2, which is around 9 to 12 panels of 1.2m x 2.4m.



Further Information

As each project has different requirements, this information should be used as a guide only.

Please contact the Megasorber team with any specific enquiries for additional information and recommendations.

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