key benefits

  1. Pin-point the noise source

  2. Identify effective soundproofing solutions

  3. Eliminate guesswork

  4. Select effective soundproofing materials.

Our 4-Fold Approach® was developed by engineers with years of experience in providing cost-effective solutions to various noise and vibration challenges. By using our unique 4-Fold Approach®, Megasorber provides effective solutions to your soundproofing requirements. The approach eliminates the guesswork and ‘shooting in the dark’.

The 4-Fold Approach® will lead you to effective control of noise and vibration in the design and installation stage.

Whatever unwanted noise or vibration concerns you may have, the Megasorber 4-Fold Approach® combined with Megasorber’s high-performance acoustic materials will give you a ‘sound’ solution.

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