Functional artwork: combining acoustics and aesthetics

Megasorber WFM acoustic panel – texture and patterns

Megasorber has a standard range luxury facing fabric textures and patterns for decorative sound-absorbing panels.  Customisable designs and patterns provide awesome opportunities for unique fit outs. Here are a few textures and finishes as examples:

Woodgrain acoustic panels.

Megasorber woodgrain sound-absorbing panels provide a range of woodgrain finishes with superior acoustic performance. In addition to the standard range of woodgrain finishes, Megasorber provides great design flexibility by manufacturing customised woodgrain finish to suit your bespoke projects. Send us your design, and we will deliver these decorative acoustic panels. As an example, a couple of the woodgrain finishes are shown as follows:

Architectural applications

  • Boardrooms, meeting rooms, teleconferencing rooms
  • Acoustic artwork in entertainment spaces e.g. branding of AFL teams in sports stadiums
  • Schools, universities, and other educational spaces
  • Medical facilities
  • Branding applications for indoor use
  • Stands for expos and trade shows
  • Reception or foyers
  • Recording and media studios.

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