Megasorber CNC cutting technology

Programmable, precision cutting to any shape. Just email us your drawing. The cutting knife is well suited to cut difficult shapes without the need for tooling. All we need is a customer approved drawing, DXF file preferred. This reduces set up costs and improves turnaround time.

Key features

  • Smooth edge finish;
  • Optimised material yield, minimising any wastage via advanced nesting methods;
  • Fast and cost-effective solution, especially for complicated shapes.
  • The cutting file is loaded directly into the CNC cutting machine.
  • Able to cut a wide range of materials, such as rubber gasket seals, plastic, shims and even teflon gaskets.
  • Acoustic blades, Acoustic baffles and sound-absorbing panels with any shape or profile.
  • Cutting thickness up to 100mm.
  • Gasket cutting: any shape and design, huge range of materials.

Architectural applications

  • Acoustic baffles
  • Waveform acoustic blades / acoustic baffles
  • Profile cutting for any design
  • 3D design applications for walls and ceilings
  • Custom cutting of ceiling or wall panels
  • Art design cutting for branding purposes, school applications, and more.

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