Improve thermal comfort and auditory clarity with Megasorber’s innovative architectural acoustic insulation panels for exposed concrete soffits. These panels provide exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation, making them perfect for optimising interior environments by ensuring occupant safety and reducing noise.

Compliant with NCC 2019 building code Section J, Megasorber’s Woodgrain and FM acoustic panels meet rigorous standards for both acoustic and thermal performance. They improve thermal comfort, safety, and speech clarity, creating ideal environments for any setting. Customisable to fit any design, these panels seamlessly blend with architectural aesthetics, offering visual appeal and efficient thermal and acoustic insulation.

Ensure Safety and Comfort with Excellent Thermal Insulation

Manufactured from thermos-set, cross-linked insulation foam and non-combustible acoustic woven fabric, these panels feature a unique 3D cell structure that traps air inside for superior thermal insulation. The fire-resistant design ensures the insulation foam will not ignite, melt, or drip when exposed to fire, providing an additional layer of safety.

Superior thermal insulation due to the fine cell structure of the Megasorber FM base

Thermal Insulation to Minimise the Risk of Fire Hazards

See Megasorber’s acoustic insulation panels in action, showcasing its exceptional fire resistance capability.

Superior Fire Resistance with Zero Afterglow and No Flaming Droplets

In the event of a fire, the FM panels do not melt or produce any burning droplets. There is zero afterglow, merely a small amount of smoke and maybe some slight charring. Megasorber FM sound absorbing panels are most suitable for applications with stringent fire safety requirements, especially where the raining of flaming droplets are not allowed.

Superior Acoustic Performance for Exposed Soffits

Effective acoustic design enhances speech clarity and minimises environmental stress, significantly improving the experience in residential, commercial, and public spaces. As the demand for thermal and acoustic comfort grows, Megasorber’s acoustic insulation panels stand out by offering premium thermal insulation and sound absorption.

Megasorber’s panels are perfect for offices, meeting rooms, and other interior environments, transforming spaces by minimising disturbances, preventing sound leakage, and creating a more peaceful atmosphere. Experience improved sound quality and comfort with our advanced acoustic insulation solutions.

For even greater performance, combine our panels with Megasorber Soundmesh® G8, a sound-absorbing, non-combustible woven fabric. This combination excels at reducing echo and enhancing speech clarity in offices, schools, and public areas for a clearer, quieter, and more comfortable environment.

Acoustic Insulation for Noise Reduction and Speech Clarity

Experience the clear difference with our panels for concrete soffits in spaces requiring controlled acoustics. This video demonstrates the tangible benefits of Megasorber’s panels installed in a scout hall.

Patented, Pioneering Sound-absorbing Technology

Megasorber’s panels for concrete soffits feature the cutting-edge, patented technology of Soundmesh® G8. This revolutionary material, protected by U.S. Patent No. 8167085, Canadian Patent No. 2674986, and Australian Patent No. 200926197, ensures top-tier sound absorption qualities. The incorporation of Soundmesh® G8 in Megasorber Timber & FM panels significantly reduces noise levels while adhering to rigorous safety protocols.

Superior Thermal Insulation and Thermal Comfort with Megasorber Acoustic Insulation Panels

Experience the remarkable enhancement of thermal comfort with these Megasorber panels.

A schematic drawing of the panel for exposed soffit lining:

Megasorber Acoustic Insulation Panel Concrete Soffit Floor Roof Insulation Panel

 A table of the thermal insulation and acoustic properties of various Megasorber acoustic insulation products.

Megasorber Acoustic Insulation Thermal Insulation Table for FM25 to FM115

The solution to meet the NCC guidelines for R 3.7 requirement and acoustic insulation NRC 1.00

NCC 2019 building code Section J requires an R-value of 3.7 between conditioned and non-conditioned spaces. The details are as follows for proven systems that meet or exceed this high thermal insulation requirement, as well as provided acoustic insulation of NRC 1.00.

Option 1: Megasorber FM115 Acoustic Insulation Panels

Megasorber FM115 can be directly fixed with Megasorber A200 adhesive and Megasorber proprietary aluminium trim. 

This system provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties.
Thermal insulation rating: R3.71
Acoustic rating: NRC 1.0.

A schematic drawing is shown below:

Megasorber FM115 Acoustic Insulation

Option 2: Wavebreaker FM100-DS with 50mm air-gap for exceptional absorption of low-frequency sound

Wavebreaker FM100-DS is a 100mm thick, inherently fire-resistant acoustic panel, with a non-combustible Soundmesh G8 facing on the front and a reflective white Soundmesh G8 on the back.

The back is a white G8 as a reflective membrane – the front can be the colour of your choice – white, grey, black, woodgrain etc. The total thermal insulation is R 4.07, exceeding the R3.7m requirements.

This system provides thermal insulation R4.07 and acoustic insulation NRC 1.0, with superior sound absorption at low frequencies.

Megasorber-Wavebreaker FM100-DS with 50mm Air Gap, Thermal Insulation

The typical installation methods are shown below with Megasorber proprietary aluminium trims.

It is a perfect solution for applications where effective absorption for low-frequency is required.

Megasorber Wavebreaker FM100-DS Acoustic Insulation Installation Option 1
Megasorber Wavebreaker FM100-DS Acoustic Insulation Installation Option 2

Standard and Woodgrain Finish options of Megasorber FM Acoustic Insulation Panels for exposed Soffit lining

Our FM acoustic ceiling panels are engineered using advanced technology to enhance speech clarity by mitigating echo and reverberation effects within a space. These panels feature our proprietary Soundmesh® G8 facing, a patented non-combustible woven fabric that absorbs sound waves and reduces the persistence of sound reflections, contributing to noise clutter. We offer two types of acoustic insulation panels for exposed soffit lining:

1. Colour Match with Megasorber FM Standard

Megasorber FM Standard finish has six colours that enhance both visual appeal and acoustic performance.

The grey and dark grey are specifically designed for the exposed soffit lining, providing great colour blending into the concrete appearance.

Megasorber Sound Absorbing Panels FM Standard White


Megasorber Sound Absorbing Panels FM Standard Sandstone


Megasorber Sound Absorbing Panels FM Standard Aqua



Megasorber Sound Absorbing Panels FM Standard Dark Grey

Dark Grey


2. Versatile Image-Printed Acoustic Panels for Any Style

Our image-printed acoustic panels, available in a variety of finishes, including six standard colours, 12 timber, one marble and one old brick design, seamlessly integrate with or elevate any architectural design. They offer excellent sound absorption while adding elegance to your space, fulfilling both functional and aesthetic needs.

Megasorber Sound Absorbing Panels FM Timber T01 White Ash

T01 White Ash

Megasorber Sound Absorbing Panels FM Timber T02 Latte Birch

T02 Latte Birch

Megasorber Sound Absorbing Panels FM Timber T03 Mocha Birch

T03 Mocha Birch

Megasorber Sound Absorbing Panels FM Timber T04 Green Tea Birch

T04 Green Tea Birch

Megasorber Sound Absorbing Panels FM Timber T05 Earl Grey Birch

T05 Earl Grey Birch

Megasorber Sound Absorbing Panels FM Timber T06 Tasmanian Oak

T06 Tasmanian Oak

Megasorber Sound Absorbing Panels FM Timber T07 Prime Oak

T07 Prime Oak

Megasorber Sound Absorbing Panels FM Timber T08 Antico Oak

T08 Antico Oak

Megasorber Sound Absorbing Panels FM Timber T09 Walnut

T09 Walnut

Megasorber Sound Absorbing Panels FM Timber T10 Rojo Walnut

T10 Rojo Walnut

Megasorber Sound Absorbing Panels FM Timber T11 Zebrano

T11 Zebrano

Megasorber Sound Absorbing Panels FM Timber T12 Blackwood

T12 Blackwood

Both types of FM acoustic panels can be made with customised designs and patterns through our customisation service. The combination of advanced sound-absorbing and thermal insulation technology and customisable finishes makes our acoustic insulation panels an optimal solution for achieving excellent thermal insulation for exposed soffits and acoustic performance in diverse environments such as corporate offices, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and residential areas.

Megasorber Acoustic Panels Marble


Megasorber Acoustic Panels Brick


Megasorber Acoustic Panels Pebbles


Megasorber Acoustic Panels Indigenous Motifs

Indigenous Motifs

Architectural applications for Megasorber’s acoustic insulation panels for concrete soffits

Megasorber acoustic insulation panels offer versatile solutions for various architectural applications, seamlessly combining aesthetics and functionality to meet concrete soffit insulation requirements.

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