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Aquatic Recreation Centre Soundproofing

Soundproofing Product

Waterproof Acoustic Foam Sound Absorption panel, lightweight, fireproof
Hydrophobic / Waterproof
FM H range

Light-weight, fire-safe, hydrophobic / waterproof acoustic panel specifically designed for wet and humid environments

Hydrophobic Waterproof Sound Absorbing PanelFireproof Sound Absorption Product

Reducing Reverberation Noise for an Indoor Swimming Pool Complex

Megasorber provides an innovative soundproofing product ideal for the noisy, hot, humid conditions of indoor aquatic centres: the hydrophobic/waterproof and fire-safe FM H acoustic panel. This sound-absorbing panel is attractive, lightweight and easy to cut and install.

Traditionally, the following sound absorbing materials were used for indoor swimming pools and aquatic centres:

Modern-day aquatic centres demand a new generation of sound absorbing material. Megasorber FM H acoustic panels meet this demand.

Key Features of FM H Acoustic Panels



Some of our Indoor Aquatic Centre Soundproofing Projects

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