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Soundproofing Solutions for the Building & Construction Industry

Soundproofing for Plant Rooms, Generator Rooms and Fan Rooms

Sound Absorption foam, lightweight, fireproof for engineering applications
Megasorber FM
Inherently fire-resistant, light-weight, UV and hydrolysis resistant, excellent thermal insulation. Fluid repellent fireproof facing.
sound absorbing polyester wool with fireproof acoustic facing in four colours
Megasorber P range
Acoustic Polyester Panel with Fireproof Sound-Absorbing Facing and Self-Adhesive Backing
Megasorber FG range of soundproofing foam with fireproof acoustic facing
Megasorber FG range
Acoustic Foam with Fireproof Sound-Absorbing Facing and Optional Self-Adhesive Backing

HVAC Noise Reduction and Air Duct Lining

Fireproof Acoustic Insulation Composite Soundmesh
Megasorber C14
Acoustic foam + barrier composite with fireproofing sound-absorbing Soundmesh® G8 facing

Preventing "Cross Conversation" Between Rooms
and Offices

Self-Adhesive Vibration Isolation and Damping Sheet
Megasorber DIS8
Self-Adhesive Vibration Isolation and Damping Sheet

Metal Roof Rain Drop Impact Noise Soundproofing

Self-Adhesive Constrained-Layer Vibration Damping Sheet
Megasorber D14
Self-Adhesive Constrained Layer Vibration Damping Sheet

Floor Stepping Noise Soundproofing

Acoustic Board with Fireproof Sound-Absorbing Facing
Megasorber PN
Fireproof-Faced Sound Absorption Polyester Board

Megasorber engineers can develop customised soundproofing solutions to assist you with your building and construction projects in noise control areas such as:

Megasorber FM, Megasorber P and Megasorber FG are the new generation of sound absorption materials for building acoustics. Megasorber has developed a unique fireproof sound absorbing material called Soundmesh G8 (U.S. Patent No. 8167085, Canada Patent No. 2674986, Australia Patent No. 2009206197) for these products.

Soundmesh G8 is inherently fire-resistant with Building Code Australia (BCA) Group 1 Fire Classification as per AS 5637.1-2015.

Combined with a unique thermal-set fire-resistant foam, Megasorber FM is an inherently fire-resistant sound absorbing foam and it has BCA Group 1 ClassificationAS 5637.1-2015.

The applications below highlight just a few of our soundproofing solutions. Talk to us about a custom soundproofing solution to meet your needs.


Plant Room Noise Reduction: Compressor House

Megasorber P100, a sound-absorbing polyester-wool with fireproof & water repellent Soundmesh® G8 acoustic facing, was used to line all the walls and ceiling of the compressor house of Orica Building, Kooragang Island.

noise reduction for compressor house


Brewery Plant Room Noise Reduction

The consultants and the owner of the plant had set a high standard for any insulation materials to be used in the state-of-art manufacturing plant:

Megasorber engineers took up the challenge and developed Megasorber P50WR-WH(GP) for the project. The consultants and the owner checked and approved the product.

The video below shows how the Megasorber P50 acoustic panels were installed with our A100 adhesive directly onto the cool room panels at the Coopers Brewery Plant. The ceiling area is approx. 1,500 square metres.

See more details of this brewery plant soundproofing package case study.

Soundproofed ceiling
Soundproofing for a brewery plant
Spray-on adhesive for soundproofing installation
Application of spray-on adhesive
Soundproofing panels installed
Installation of soundproofing panels
Soundproofing factory ceiling


Generator Room Noise Reduction

Megasorber FM50 used to line the walls and ceiling in this generator room in Melbourne:

Soundproofing genset room
Finish around soundproofing panels

This product is great. It used to take us weeks to install the glasswool and perforated metal sheets. Now we can walk out of the site just in a couple of days!
—Power System Australia Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia.


Compressor Room Noise Reduction

Megasorber P50GR used to line all walls and the ceiling in a compressor room with a very noisy compressor:

Megasorber P used in a compressor room

We are very pleased with the product. It not only reduces the noise dramatically, it looks fantastic.
—Joss Group, Albury, Victoria, Australia.


Chiller Room Noise Reduction

Chillers tends to generate high pitch tonal noise. It has caused discomfort to the employees in the Qantas building. After assessing the noise level and the noise frequency, the consultant specified Megasorber P50 to be installed in the plant room and the noise problem was resolved.

Soundproofing for chiller rooms


High-Tech Machine Room Noise Reduction

Megasorber FG50 (grey) used for noise reduction in a high-tech machine room:

soundproofing high-tech machine room


Stopping "Cross Talk" Between Rooms

Megasorber DIS8, a self-adhesive vibration isolation and damping sheet, can be installed between two layers of plasterboard on a room's stud walls to stop annoying "cross talk" between rooms and increase privacy.

Soundproofing Damping Sheets applied to wall
DIS8 damping sheets applied to the plasterboard of an existing wall
Soundproofing Damping Sheets Installation
Damping sheets being covered with another layer of plasterboard
Medical Consulting Rooms Walls Soundproofing
Finished result

Rain Noise Reduction for Metal Roof

Colourbond roofing panels are usually very thin (about 0.5mm) and tend to generate high noise when impacted by heavy rain. To maintain the light-weight advantage of the metal roofing system, Megasorber light-weight damping materials absorb raindrop impact noise without adding much weight.

Both Megasorber D14 and Megasorber LD5 are widely used and the typical noise reduction is between 8dB(A) to 10dB(A). In addition, the damping materials help to increase the sound transmission loss of the roofing system. As the consultants put it, "we can kill two birds with one stone" by using Megasorber's damping products.

OPTION 1: Megasorber D14 Self-Adhesive Damping Sheet

self-adhesive vibration damping sheets applied to roof

Megasorber D14 can be applied on (1) the top side of the metal roofing panels as well as (2) under side of the metal roofing panels. Please click on this link to learn more about how Megasorber D14 helped to reduce the rain drop impact noise at Deakin University Performance Centre.

OPTION 2: Megasorber LD5 Spray-On Liquid Deadeners

LD5 spray on application close up of applying LD5


rain noise reduction for cafe roofApplication: Cafe

Cafe customers complained that they could not have a normal conversation when it rained on the nearby metal roof. After coating the metal roof with Megasorber LD5, the cafe shop owner and the customers are now happy!

Walkway noise treatment


Please follow this link to hear how Megasorber vibration damping materials reduce impact noise effectively.