Improve auditory clarity and privacy with Megasorber’s innovative architectural ceiling acoustic panels.

Megasorber’s range of Woodgrain & FM and CM ceiling acoustic panels enhances speech clarity and ensures privacy by reducing echo and blocking noise in spaces such as offices, schools, and public arenas. Creating acoustically optimised spaces where clear communication and confidentiality are principal, Megasorber’s panels are customisable and integrate seamlessly with architectural aesthetics, offering visual appeal and functional sound management.

Superior Acoustic Performance

Effective acoustic design ensures that sound is managed to enhance speech clarity, maintain privacy, and minimise environmental stress, improving the overall experience in residential, commercial, and public spaces. There is a growing demand for acoustic comfort in these diverse environments. Megasorber’s range of ceiling panels, including Woodgrain FM acoustic panels and CM ceiling tiles, offers premium sound absorption and noise-blocking capabilities to meet these modern requirements.

Speech Clarity by Megasorber

Experience the clear difference with our acoustic panels for ceilings in spaces requiring controlled acoustics. This video demonstrates the tangible benefits of Megasorber’s acoustic ceiling panels installed in a scout hall.

Speech Privacy by Megasorber

Experience the remarkable enhancement of speech privacy in a meeting room next to a bustling tearoom with Megasorber’s acoustic panels for ceilings and acoustic panels for walls.

The best results will be achieved when both ceiling and walls are treated.

Noise levels in tearoom without ceiling acoustic panels

This video demonstrates the noise in a busy tearoom without any acoustic panels.

Noise intrusion in meeting room without ceiling acoustic panels

This video demonstrates the tearoom’s chaotic noise permeating the adjacent meeting room.

Noise reduction with Megasorber’s Ceiling Acoustic Panels

The video demonstrates the stark contrast in noise reduction following the installation of Megasorber’s ceiling acoustic panels and Megasorber acoustic barriers in the adjacent wall.

Patented, Pioneering Soundproofing Technology

Megasorber’s acoustic panels for ceilings feature the cutting-edge, patented technology of Soundmesh® G8, a non-combustible, sound absorbing fabric that sets industry standards for acoustic performance. This revolutionary material is safeguarded by U.S. Patent No. 8167085, Canadian Patent No. 2674986, and Australian Patent No. 200926197, ensuring top-tier sound absorption qualities. The incorporation of Soundmesh® G8 in Megasorber Timber & FM panels aids in a significant reduction in noise levels and adheres to rigorous safety protocols.

Megasorber FM Ceiling Acoustic Panels

Our FM acoustic ceiling panels are engineered using advanced acoustic technology to enhance speech clarity by mitigating echo and reverberation effects within a space.

These panels feature our proprietary Soundmesh® G8 facing, a patented non-combustible woven fabric that absorbs sound waves and reduces the persistence of sound reflections, contributing to noise clutter. We offer two types of ceiling acoustic panels:

1. Image-printed Acoustic Panels

Our image-printed acoustic panels are available in a variety of finishes, including six standard colours, 12 timber, one marble, and one old brick design. This versatility ensures that the panels can seamlessly blend with or enhance any architectural style, fulfilling both functional and aesthetic requirements.

2. Textured Fabric Acoustic Panels

Our Megasorber WFM is a textured fabric acoustic panel, which comes with a luxury woven fabric finish, a luxurious option for elevated architectural designs.

The Textured Fabric panel is available in 16 colours and designs.

Both types of FM acoustic panels can be made with customised designs and patterns though our customisation service. The combination of advanced sound absorbing technology and customisable finishes makes our FM acoustic ceiling panels an optimal solution for achieving excellent acoustic performance in diverse environments such as corporate offices, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and residential areas.

CM28 and CM52 Ceiling Tiles

The CM28 and CM52 ceiling tiles are an absorber-barrier soundproofing composite combining an absorber panel (FM acoustic panel) and a noise barrier (B barrier), optimising both speech privacy and clarity.

Similar to the FM acoustic panels, they are available in the same colour and design options and can be installed in new or existing ceiling grids or fixed directly using Megasorber A200 adhesive.

PN and G8 Ceiling Solutions

Megasorber’s PN and G8 products are essential components in noise management, designed to enhance speech clarity by absorbing echo and reverberation.

The PN board combines the innovative properties of Megasorber’s acoustic technology with a facing of the patented Soundmesh G8 acoustic fabric. The Soundmesh G8 acoustic fabric on its own is ideal for use behind perforated or slotted panels as well as timber and aluminium battens. Soundmesh G8 transform the decorative perforated/slotted panels, or timber battens into a sound absorbing system. These products seamlessly integrate into various design aesthetics while significantly improving the acoustic quality of any space. The Soundmesh G8 Acoustic Fabric is also available in a variant (G8A) featuring an adhesive backing activated by heat.

Architectural applications for Megasorber’s ceiling acoustic panels

Our ceiling acoustic panels are versatile across multiple architectural applications, meeting both aesthetic and functional needs.

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Corporate Offices

Improve acoustics in meeting rooms and open-plan offices to support clear communication and privacy.

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Educational Facilities

Enhance learning environments by reducing distractions and improving speech intelligibility in classrooms and lecture theatres.

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Healthcare Clinics

Facilitate a quieter, stress-reduced atmosphere conducive to recovery in hospitals and healthcare clinics.

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Public Spaces and Cultural Venues

Optimise acoustics for audience enjoyment in theatres and concert halls, maintaining performance integrity and audience experience.

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Sports and Recreational Facilities

Enhance the functionality of sports facilities with effective noise management solutions for indoor pools and arenas.

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Transportation Hubs

Improve the audibility of announcements and reduce noise fatigue in high-traffic areas like airports and train stations.

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