Acoustic treatment in offices and meeting rooms often isn’t considered until users realise that there are issues with overhearing conversations due to noise leakage through walls and ceilings. Incorporating acoustic panels for offices is essential, as office spaces, traditionally designed with simplicity in mind, commonly feature grid-style ceilings that fall short of providing the necessary acoustic privacy. This oversight, including the lack of acoustic panels for offices, can lead to issues with noise leakage through walls and ceilings, disrupting the office’s auditory environment.

Megasorber’s comprehensive range of acoustic panels for offices addresses this oversight by enhancing speech privacy and creating a more comfortable work atmosphere. Through our absorption panels, noise barriers, and absorber/barrier composites, speech privacy and user comfort can be easily obtained. Typical examples are as follows:

Enhanced sound absorption solutions

Megasorber’s sound-absorbing panels are meticulously designed to reduce reverberation, thereby ensuring clearer communication within commercial office spaces. These solutions are pivotal in transforming bustling office environments into sanctuaries of productivity and concentration, where every spoken word is crisply understood.

Improved speech clarity video

A testament to Megasorber’s commitment to acoustic excellence is the use of high-performance sound absorption materials in diverse commercial settings. This video showcases the materials’ ability to mitigate reverberation noise, similar to the challenges faced in scout halls, emphasising their applicability in large, open-plan office spaces.

1. Easy-to-install acoustic panels for office ceilings and walls.

Designed for straightforward application to concrete ceilings, insulated roofing, and walls using Megasorber A200 adhesive, Megasorber acoustic panels FM, WFM and P acoustic panels for offices series offer a cost-efficient approach to managing echo, particularly beneficial in spacious commercial environments. Besides their reverberation mitigation capabilities, Megasorber FM and WFM panels contribute to thermal regulation, boasting a thermal R-value of up to 3.0.

The Megasorber Wavebreaker, a streamlined solution, delivers exceptional commercial office soundproofing results with an NRC rating as high as 1.0, despite its minimal profile.

2. Enhancing decorative panels with acoustic features.

Megasorber’s acoustic backings transform decorative elements—like slotted or perforated panels and wood or aluminium strips—into functional commercial office acoustic solutions. This innovative approach ensures that office aesthetics are not compromised in the pursuit of optimal acoustics.

  • Megasorber Soundmesh® G8 and G8A: A thin non-combustible acoustic fabric, to be added to the back of perforated/slotted panels and timber/aluminium battens, achieving an NRC of up to 0.80, with a sufficient air space behind the Megasorber G8 or G8A.
  • Megasorber PN: A slim acoustic board, easily affixes to the rear of decorative battens and perforated or slotted panels, enhancing their sound absorption capacity to an NRC of 0.80 with the addition of an air gap.

Previously Completed Acoustic Panels for Offices Projects

Megasorber’s FM, WFM and P acoustic panels for direct-fix onto concrete soffits and walls

Megasorber Soundmesh G8 and PN as acoustic backing for perforated/slotted panels, timber and aluminium battens

Image printing panels.

View our FM range of absorption products

Advanced confidential communication solutions

The B8 and CM28 products by Megasorber are expertly engineered to address the critical need for speech privacy in commercial offices, ensuring that confidential conversations remain within the confines of office walls. These solutions are crucial for maintaining privacy and confidentiality, which are paramount in today’s business environment.

Principal patterns of noise penetration

Identifying the main avenues through which noise infiltrates office spaces is essential for effective soundproofing. The illustrative diagram to the left details how sound penetrates partition walls and ceiling spaces, compromising privacy.

Optimal reduction of sound penetrating through partition walls

For effective sound insulation, high Rw/STC partition walls require substantial mass and the ability to absorb internal sound vibrations. Megasorber B8 does this by adding necessary mass and leveraging its sound-absorbing capabilities, ensuring that conversations remain confidential and external noises are minimised. This significantly improves the weighted Sound Reduction Index (Rw) and the Sound Transmission Class (STC) of partition walls. 

Superior ceiling sound attenuation

A ceiling’s effectiveness in sound attenuation is measured by its Ceiling Attenuation Class (CAC) or Rw/STC, requiring a high rating to block cavity sound transmission. Megasorber CM28 is crafted to deliver an impressive Rw/STC and excellent Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) values. This product’s design focuses on blocking sound transmission through ceiling cavities and absorption of reverberation in the rooms, thereby enhancing speech privacy and overall acoustic quality in office spaces.

Enhancing partition wall Rw/STC with Megasorber B8

Implementing Megasorber B8 alongside an additional plasterboard layer increases the wall’s mass in accordance with the Mass Law. This solution significantly increases the walls’ mass and introduces damping, which, in turn, disrupts sound wave transmission and elevates the Rw/STC rating, ensuring enhanced speech privacy in the office.

A standard stud wall, comprising two sheets of 13mm plasterboard on a 90mm stud wall with no insulation, provides an Rw/STC rating of 35 to 40.

The Rw/STC can rise to 47 after adding Megasorber B8 and a second plasterboard layer of 13 mm attached to one side of the wall.

Applying this treatment to both sides of the wall can further increase the Rw/STC to 51 in a stud wall of 90mm. 

Sound waves like to travel in the same media, i.e., the same material or homogeneous material. For example, the sound wave travels well with two layers of plasterboard. However, when a limp mass layer, such as Megasorber B8, with high internal loss, is sandwiched between the two layers of plasterboard, this technique disrupts the sound wave’s transmission through the wall, providing a significantly higher Rw/STC rating and enhances speech privacy in commercial offices.

Ceiling soundproofing for confidential conversations

Megasorber CM28 not only improves speech clarity but also secures speech privacy in office environments.

Through the illustrative comparisons shown below, you can see the effectiveness of different ceiling materials in preserving confidentiality, highlighting the merit of Megasorber CM28 in creating an acoustically-optimised office space.

  • The first scenario shows a ceiling with low sound absorption (NRC 0.10) and little or no sound insulation capabilities.
  • The second scenario features Megasorber CM28, boasting high sound absorption (NRC 0.80) and an outstanding sound-blocking rating (Rw/STC 24, CAC 60). 

Impact of high sound absorption (NRC 0.80)

  • In the source room, it lowers sound pressure by 5dB(A), enhancing speech clarity and intelligibility.
  • In the receiving room, sound pressure decreases by 11dB(A), significantly improving speech privacy.

The significant reduction in sound pressure levels in both the source and receiving rooms underscores the implication of high sound absorption for enhancing speech clarity and privacy. In an environment where minimal disruptions aid in productivity, the value of acoustic panels for offices speaks for itself.

Benefits of high sound blocking (Rw/STC 24, CAC 60) with acoustic panels for offices

  • The receiving room experiences a sound pressure reduction of up to 40dB(A), ensuring complete confidentiality of conversations.

Achieving total speech privacy through substantial sound pressure reduction illustrates the effectiveness of Megasorber’s solutions in creating private and confidential spaces within commercial offices.

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Acoustic panels for offices soundproofing projects