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Soundproofing Solutions for the Marine Industry

Soundproofing for Engine Room

Sound Absorption foam, lightweight, fireproof for engineering applications
Megasorber FM
Inherently fire-resistant, light-weight, UV and hydrolysis resistant, excellent thermal insulation
sound absorbing polyester wool with fireproof acoustic facing in four colours
Megasorber P Range
Sound absorbing Panel with Inherently Fire-resistant Facing
Fireproof Acoustic Insulation D10 Vibration Dampeners
Megasorber D10
Self-Adhesive Vibration Damping Sheet with Fireproof Facing

Reducing Vibration Noise from the Hull and Structures

Use our IMO Compliant vibration damping materials for the hull, deck, bulkhead, fuel tank.


Sound Insulation IMO Compliant


Vibration Damping Tiles
Megasorber DT2A
Self-Adhesive Aluminium Vibration Damping Tiles
Self-Adhesive Vibration Isolation and Damping Sheet
Megasorber DIS8
Self-Adhesive Vibration Isolation and Damping Sheet
Self-Adhesive Constrained-Layer Vibration Damping Sheet
Megasorber D14
Self-Adhesive Constrained Layer Vibration Damping Sheet

Applying our unique 4-Fold Approach® system, Megasorber engineers have successfully developed a range of soundproofing products for marine noise reduction:

Marine engine noise levels often reach as high as 110 dB(A), and the noise level tends to concentrate in the low to mid frequency, typically 125Hz to 2,000Hz. In addition, there is low frequency structure vibration related noise. Hence, marine noise reduction tends to be challenging and requires a comprehensive engineering approach.

Marine Soundproofing: Hear how Megasorber's soundproofing products reduce the engine room noise

The soundproofing materials for marine noise reduction are usually exposed to high temperatures, potential fluid or fuel spills, engine maintenance and a high air-flow environment. Traditionally, facing materials such as solid foil or film needed to be used to meet the ISO/DIS9094-2 or IMO requirements for flammability, high temperature resistance and non-fuel absorption. These impermeable materials reflected most of the incident noise, dramatically reducing the sound absorption capacity of the materials.

Lazzarette hatch soundproofing
Lazzarette hatch lined with P50 soundproofing panels
Lazzarette compartment soundproofing
Lazzarette compartment lined with P50 soundproofing panels
marine engine room walls soundproofing
Engine room walls lined with P50GR soundproofing panels with fireproof & IMO compliant facing
marine engine room ceiling soundproofing
Engine room walls lined with P100GR soundproofing panelswith fireproof & IMO compliant facing

Megasorber's patented Soundmesh® G8 (U.S. Patent No. 8167085, Canada Patent No. 2674986, Australia Patent No. 2009206197) acoustic facing has solved this dilemma. It complies with IMO Resolution A653(16) requirements. Soundmesh G8 also meets ISO/DIS9094-2 requirements in non-flammability, high temperature resistance, absorption of sounds and repelling of fluids. It is tough and durable.

Megasorber FM Acoustic Foam

Megasorber FM combines the unique Soundmesh G8 with an inherently fire-resistant acoustic foam. Soundmesh G8 is specifically engineered to provide superior sound absorption capacity at low to mid frequency. Using this unique Soundmesh G8 facing, Megasorber's FM is specially designed to maximize the marine engine noise reduction.

Key properties:



Soundproofing: A Schematic Drawing of Sound Absorption

Marine Soundproofing Acoustic Foam


Typical test results are shown below on 25mm thick acoustic foam with and without Soundmesh G8 facing (Megasorber FM25):


Sound Absorption Co-efficient on 25mm Thick Acoustic Foam
With and Without Soundmesh® G8
(Tested to AS ISO 354-2006 Acoustics:
Measurement of sound absorption in a reverberation room)

graph showing how Megasorber Soundmesh G8 boosts sound absorption of acoustic foam


It is evident that Soundmesh G8 boosts the noise reduction co-efficient (NRC) from 0.55 to 0.85 (an increase of 54.5%), with a peak improvement over the typical marine engine noise (125Hz to 2,000Hz).

In addition to the FM25 (25mm thick), Megasorber FM50 (50mm thick) and Megasorber FM100 (100mm thick) have been developed to further enhance the sound absorption at low frequency. The sound absorption of Megasorber FM is shown below:


Sound Absorption of Megasorber FM25 and FM50
(Tested to AS ISO 354-2006 Acoustics:
Measurement of sound absorption in a reverberation room)

Megasorber FM Range Sound Asorption Coefficient

It is evident that Megasorber FM provides excellent sound absorption at the typical marine noise range. In addition to Megasorber FM products, Megasorber engineers have also developed the Megasorber P range products, which are IMO compliant.

Engine Room Noise Reduction

Soundproofing: A Schematic Drawing of Megasorber FM with D10

Marine Soundproofing Foam with Vibration Dampener


Hear how the damping materials help to reduce the impact vibration noise:


IMO Compliant Requirements

For a soundproofing system that must be IMO compliant, we recommend these options:

liquid repellent acoustic facing
Water beads up on a water-repellent Soundmesh® G8


Sound Absorption of Megasorber P Series Products
(Tested to AS ISO 354-2006 Acoustics:
Measurement of sound absorption in a reverberation room)

graph showing how soundproofing Megasorber P absorbs marine engine noise effectively

Cabin Noise Reduction

Reduction of Low-Frequency Vibration Noise from the Hull, Bulkhead, Deck & Structures (such as wave slapping noise)

Please contact us for a customized solution for your project.


The following applications highlight just a couple of our soundproofing solutions:

Engine Room Soundproofing for Luxury Yachts

Megasorber P50WR-WH(GP) and Megasorber FM50GR are proven products for reducing the noise in luxury boats.

Megasorber soundproofing composites make the engine room a showcase for boat owners, whilst taming the ‘roar’ of the powerful engine!


yacht soundproofing soundproofing of yacht engine room

These photos show a typical finish in an engine room: sound insulation using Megasorber soundproofing composite Megasorber P50 or Megasorber FM50.

The boat owners can proudly show their guests every part of their luxury boats, including the engine room, without shouting over engine noise!


Lightweight Soundproofing Solution for High-speed Patrol Boats

high-speed patrol boatsWhen high speed is imperative, boat owners turn to Megasorber light-weight soundproofing systems. Light-weight damping materials such as Megasorber D14 damping sheet and Megasorber LD5 liquid deadener are used for the hull and most of the structural panels. Every kilogram of soundproofing materials has been carefully examined in order to optimise performance and minimise weight.

Ask our engineers to recommend a Megasorber light-weight soundproofing system to increase your boat's speed and reduce its fuel consumption.

hull panels coated with Megasorber liquid deadener crew cabin lined with Megasorber's fireproof faced acoustic foam