Marine engine noise levels often reach as high as 110 dB(A), and the noise level tends to concentrate in the low to mid-frequency, typically 125Hz to 2,000Hz.

In addition, there is low-frequency structure vibration-related noise. Hence, marine noise reduction tends to be challenging and requires a comprehensive engineering approach.

Applying our unique 4-Fold Approach® system, Megasorber engineers have successfully developed a range of soundproofing products for marine noise reduction:

  • engine room noise
  • vibration noise from the hull & structures
  • wave slapping noise

Engine Room Noise Reduction

1. Lightweight option:

NRC  up to 1.0

Megasorber FM50 (or FM25) to line the engine room or engine enclosure;
FM50:  NRC 1.0;
FM25:  NRC 0.82

Megasorber FM50 and Megasorber FM25 are inherently fire-resistant, exceptionally lightweight and highly effective. It has a non-combustible Soundmesh G8 facing, splash resistant to fluid, tough and durable.

The key features are shown in the schematic drawings below for Megasorber FM acoustic foam panels:

Superior acoustic performance:  Megasorber FM25 and FM50 are highly effective in absorbing engine noise.  The acoustic performance is detailed in the graph below over the various frequencies.

The FM50 and FM25 provide excellent sound absorption over engine noise frequency. The typical noise reduction is up to 10 dB(A) after installing Megasorber FM50.

Find out how Soundmesh G8 boosts the acoustic performance up to 54.5% on 25mm thick acoustic foam.

2. Super-quiet option

Megasorber C50 and CM28

Megasorber C50 and Megasorber CM28 are soundproofing absorber-barrier composites.  They are designed to effectively absorb and block the air-borne noise, specifically at a frequency range of the marine engine noise.

Megasorber C50 and Megasorber CM28 have a non-combustible Soundmesh G8 facing, splash resistant to fluid, tough and durable, as shown in the schematic drawings below:

Megasorber C50:  NRC 0.85;  Rw (STC) 28

Megasorber CM28:  NRC 0.80;  Rw (STC) 24

For more details on how Megasorber composites have been engineered to provide maximum soundproofing effect, please follow this link: Soundproofing Composites.

IMO Compliant Requirements

1. Economic option

Megasorber P50

Megasorber P50 is designed to absorb marine engine noise effectively, with a peak sound absorption between 250Hz to 2,000Hz. Megasorber P is one of the few sound-absorbing materials that is IMO compliant.

Sound Absorption of Megasorber P Series Products

(Tested to AS ISO 354-2006 Acoustics: Measurement of sound absorption in a reverberation room)

2. Super-quiet option

Megasorber P50 + Megasorber D14

Megasorber D14 is designed to reduce the low-frequency structure-borne noise effectively, and P50 is designed to absorb the air-borne noise effectively, especially the marine engine noise. Both Megasorber P and Megasorber D14 are IMO compliant.

3. Reduction of a wave slapping noise and vibration noise

  • Best option: Megasorber DT2 or Megasorber D14
    Megasorber DT2 is designed for thick panels, such as aluminium panels up to 12mm thick. Megasorber D14 is designed for thin panels, such as aluminium panels up to 4mm thick and steel panels up to 3mm thick. Both products are self-adhesive for easy installation.
  • Economic option: Megasorber DIS8 (or DIS8WH-DS)
    Megasorber DIS8 is self-adhesive on both sides. It provides excellent vibration damping to thick panels with complex contours or shapes. Best results are achieved when a top plate is applied, such as a steel, aluminium or Glass-fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) panel. Megasorber DIS8WH-DS has been specifically engineered to suit the wet lamination process of FRP structures.

Please follow this link to see how the damping materials reduce the impact noise of metal plates:  Soundproofing Damping.

Demonstration of enclosure noise reduction

Two identical metal boxes are constructed.  The red box has no acoustic treatment.  The green box has all the interior surfaces lined with Megaorber FM25, plus a door seal.  It is a comparison test for demonstration only.


Sound absorption video for enclosure noise reduction

Sound recording before and after the installation of Megasorber sound-absorbing panels in a metal enclosure

Demonstration of fire resistance

Megasorber FM is inherently fire-resistant and has Building Code Australia (BCA) Group 1 fire rating as per AS 5637.1-2015 and ISO 5660 Group 1 fire classification.

No ignition, melting, dripping or spread of flame when exposed to fire.  A demonstration video is shown below.




Acoustic panels are inherently fire-resistant

No ignition, melting, dripping or spread of flame when exposed to fire



Marine engine room soundproofing

Megasorber’s FM acoustic foam is inherently fire-resistant and perfectly suits the harsh environments of marine engine room soundproofing.

Megasorber CM28 and Megasorber C50 are the absorber-barrier soundproofing composites for superior sound insulation.

View our FM range of absorption products