When acoustic treatments are required in external, exposed environments, it is a huge challenge to have a soundproofing system that can survive the full weather.

Traditionally, a perforated metal sheet with glasswool or rockwool infill has been used.  In order to prevent these infill materials from getting wet and losing their acoustic performance, a thin plastic film has to be used to wrap the infill materials.  However, this reflective plastic film also prevents the sound from being absorbed by the infill materials, resulting in low absorption capacity.

Megasorber water repellent Soundmesh® G8 is specifically designed to meet these challenges.  It is non-combustible, water repellent, UV resistant and yet has excellent sound absorption properties thanks to the patent technology.

When a water-repellent Soundmesh® G8 is combined with hydrophobic polyester fibre, the Megasorber P range product is an excellent candidate for outdoor applications.  It has superior sound absorption capacity with NRC (Noise Reduction Co-efficient) up to 1.0.

Water beads on water-repellent Soundmesh G8 facing

For outdoor applications where high-temperature resistance is needed, Megasorber FM-DS is a combination of a thermoset acoustic foam with water-repellent Soundmesh G8 on both sides.  The Megasorber FM-DS is extremely lightweight, and the thermoset foam has a temperature resistance of up to 250°C.

From noisy transformer stations with tonal humming affecting nearby residents to air conditioning compressor units impacting neighbours, and the deafening sound of rain and hail on a metal roof, Megasorber has sound solutions to make life quieter.

Transformer Noise Reduction

See and hear how Megasorber P100 reduced transformer noise effectively in a substation.

A few examples from previously completed projects

With a water-repellent, non-combustible and UV-resistant Soundmesh G8 facing, Megasorber’s FM and P range of acoustic absorption panels perfectly suit the harsh environments of outdoor applications.

Transformer noise reduction and rooftop pant rooms are just a couple of examples of many outdoor applications.

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Transformer Noise Reduction - outdoor soundproofing
Transformer Noise Reduction
Transformer Noise Reduction- Megasorber P100
Transformer Noise Reduction- Megasorber P100
Telstra Exchange Soundproofing - Megasorber FM100
Plant room soundproofing -Telstra Exchage

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