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Soundproofing Solutions for Plant Rooms

Soundproofing Products

Air-Borne Noise Soundproofing Products

Sound Absorption foam, lightweight, fireproof for engineering applications
Megasorber FM
Inherently fire-resistant, light-weight, UV and hydrolysis resistant, excellent thermal insulation with optional fluid repellent fireproof facing.
Insulation Acoustic FG Foam
Megasorber FG range
Acoustic Foam with Fireproof Sound-Absorbing Facing and Optional Self-Adhesive Backing
Polyester Range Acoustic Insulation
Megasorber P Range
Acoustic Polyester Panel with Fireproof Sound-Absorbing Soundmesh G8 Facing

Structure-Borne Noise Soundproofing Products

Acoustic Insulation Layer Vibration Damping Sheet
Megasorber D14
Self-Adhesive Constrained Layer Vibration Damping Sheet
Fireproof Acoustic Insulation D10 Vibration Dampeners
Megasorber D10
Self-Adhesive Vibration Damping Sheet with Fireproof Facing

Plant Rooms in Hospitals, High-Rises, Factories, Libraries and Other Buildings

Traditionally, plant rooms are line with glasswool or rockwool with perforated metal sheets. This system is difficult and expensive to construct and operators are experiencing a lot of Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) issues. The stringent fire regulation on buildings under Building Code Australia (BCA) has, however, made it almost impossible to use any alternative materials such as polyurethane foam.

Megasorber is very proud to provide a unique soundproofing solution to this challenge. 

The solution consists of:

Megasorber FM acoustic panels:

Megasorber P acoustic panel:


Genset Room Soundproofingplastic pinssplitters
(1) soundproofing of an engine room with P50; (2) plastic pins on wall panels; (3) splitters with P100

soundproofing for Orica compressor house
Megaosrber P100 with water repellent Soundmesh® G8 facing
used to line all the walls & ceiling of the compressor house of Orica Building, Kooragang Island