Soundproofing solutions for power generator enclosures

Power generation is a very cost-competitive industry. With engine noise levels typically about 110 dB(A), it is challenging to reduce noise levels economically.

Noise reduction for power generator sets is becoming more challenging as end users demand lower noise levels. The required noise level would be as low as 60 to 65 dB(A) for the Genset, whilst the typical engine noise level is about 110dB(A).

Megasorber has been working with generator manufacturers locally and globally to provide cost-effective soundproofing materials and solutions for the Genset enclosures.  Megasorber soundproofing materials and soundproofing systems are well tested and proven.

Guided by Megasorber’s 4-fold approach, Megasorber soundproofing systems provide a cost-effective solution to reduce the low-frequency structure-borne and air-borne noise.

As an example, Megasorber’s acoustic treatment options are as follows for various soundproofing enclosures, such as generator enclosures, hydraulic power unit (HPU) enclosures, machine enclosures, marine engine enclosures:

1. Economic Soundproofing System

Megasorber FM50 (or Megasorber FG50) is to line the internal surface of the enclosure.

The key features are as follows:

1. The superior sound absorption based on the patented sound absorption technology:

The sound absorption coefficient over the typical engine noise frequency is shown below for Megasorber FM50 and FM25.

The FM50 and FM25 provide excellent sound absorption over engine noise frequency. The typical noise reduction is up to 10 dB(A) after installing Megasorber FM50.

Find out how Soundmesh® G8 boosts the acoustic performance up to 54.5% on 25mm thick acoustic foam.

2. Non-combustible Soundmesh G8 facing: splash resistant to fluid, tough and durable.  The key features are shown in the schematic drawing below:

2. Compact Soundproofing System

The system consists of two key components as follows:

  1. Megasorber D14 Vibration Damping Sheet
  2. Megasorber FM50 Sound Absorber (or FM25) on top of the Megasorber D14.

Megasorber D14 is a 2mm thick vibration damping sheet designed to reduce the low-frequency structure-borne noise.  Click this link to learn how Megasorber damping materials help to reduce the impact of vibration noise.

Combined with a Megasorber FM50 sound absorber, the system provides superior soundproofing results, especially for these engine enclosures constructed with thin and lightweight panels.

3. Super Quiet System

The system consists of two key components:

  1. Megasorber D14 vibration damping sheet.
  2. Megasorber C50: a 50mm thick soundproofing composite.  A schematic drawing is shown below:


Please follow this link to see how the enhancer further increases the sound blocking effect. Megasorber engineers can customise the above system to meet the specific noise level requirements.

Megasorber air-inlet and outlet designs:

As with most operating machinery, it is essential to allow sufficient airflow to intake and exhaust for efficient operation. This presents a potential issue with noise leakage through openings. Megasorber’s specialists can assist in designing an enclosure that incorporates sound mazes into the air inlet and exhaust systems.  As an example, typical Megasorber designs are shown below.

Pre-cut to shape kits for simple and easy installation:

Megasorber also specialises in custom kits for generator enclosures, taking into account the specific design elements of our clients’ equipment, and required noise levels.

Demonstration of enclosure noise reduction

Two identical metal boxes are constructed.  The red box has no acoustic treatment.  The green box has all the interior surfaces lined with Megaorber FM25, plus a door seal.  It is a comparison test for demonstration only.


Sound absorption video for enclosure noise reduction

Sound recording before and after the installation of Megasorber sound-absorbing panels in a metal enclosure

Demonstration of fire resistance

Megasorber FM is inherently fire-resistant and has Building Code Australia (BCA) Group 1 fire rating as per AS 5637.1-2015 and ISO 5660 Group 1 fire classification.

No ignition, melting, dripping or spread of flame when exposed to fire.  A demonstration video is shown below.




Acoustic panels are inherently fire-resistant

No ignition, melting, dripping or spread of flame when exposed to fire



Soundproofing solutions for Genset enclosures

Megasorber range of sound-absorbing products provides superior acoustic performance with patented technology.  Combined with a non-combustible, tough and durable Soundmesh G8 facing, they are designed for harsh engineering environments.

Megasorber 4-Fold Approach provides sound solutions to the enclosure soundproofing challenges.

View our FM range of absorption products