Reducing noise for better quality professional studio recording

Recording studios, whether it be for television, music, podcasts or all of the above, are dependent on great acoustics.

Breakout noise can be an issue, with either external noise interfering with the recording or, in some instances, loud music or other audio negatively impacting neighbouring occupants.

Reverberation control is also critical, as audio tracks need to be crisp and clear, with just the right amount of ‘life’ – too much absorption can create as much of a problem as insufficient. It’s important to get the balance of materials just right.

Megasorber’s range of noise barrier and acoustic absorption materials are ideally suited to provide treatment to recording studios for music, television, podcasts, and other media.  Check out some case studies below outlining the various Megasorber treatments used in recording studios.

Echo reduction for superior speech intelligibility

1. Direct-fix acoustic panels for soffits and walls.

The systems consist of Megasorber acoustic panels FM, WFM and P range products with a unique fast curing adhesive Megasorber A200.  It is specifically designed for concrete soffits, insulated roofs and so on.  Combined with an express finish, it is one of the most cost-effective solutions to reverberation control, especially for large spaces and halls.

2. Acoustic backings for perforated/slotted panels and timber or aluminium battens.

Megasorber Soundmesh® G8 and G8A are acoustically tuned to convert slotted panels, perforated panels or any other decorative panels into acoustic panels.  Furthermore, it is also attached to the back of timber or aluminium battens.  Combined with an air gap, the acoustic performance is up to NRC 0.80.

Alternatively, Megasorber PN is a thin acoustic board that can be easily inserted or thatched onto the back of the timber or aluminium battens.  The acoustic performance is NRC up to 0.80 when combined with an air gap.

Furthermore, Megasorber Wavebreaker is a patented product, and it provides superior acoustic performance with NRC up to 1.0.

Breaking out noise control:

Megasorber B8 on walls, ceiling and floors.

Take the 90mm stud wall, for example. The addition of Megasorber B8, constrained with additional plasterboard, adding the mass as per Mass Law, and providing damping to address the critical frequency issue. As a result, it has a much higher STC (or (Rw) rating.

A typical stud wall, comprising two sheets of 13mm plasterboard on a 90mm stud wall with no insulation, provides an STC rating of 40.

On one side of the wall, if Megasorber B8 is added to the existing plasterboard and the second layer of 13mm plasterboard on top of the B8, the STC jumps to 47.

Adding the same treatment to both sides of the wall provides an STC of 51.

For more details, please follow this link: barrier.

Acoustic absorption panels for recording studios

Megasorber acoustic absorption panels create a perfect recording environment by reducing unwanted echoes.

The lightweight design gives architects and designers the freedom to tailor the look of the finish while still being easy to install.

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RMIT University, TV Studio, Megasorber P50, balck and white, on walls and ceiling-

Recording studio soundproofing projects